Fall 2020


Well, Summer quarter was slow and quiet, so I mainly did reading and such to keep busy. I also participated in a Shoreline CC Learning Outcomes team to learn more about program-level course outcomes. I will get to buuld on this during this (Fall) quarter by joining a Learning Outcomes committee at Shoreline CC.

I also hope to become involved with a Shoreline CC Guided Pathways team. If you don’t know, the concept of Guided Pathways regarding a student’s academic choices and progress. With a focus on accessibility, choice, and flexibility, students have found difficulty in determining what direction to take early in their college experience, and may end up unnecessarily taking courses that don’t directly help lead to the student’s goals. The Guided Pathways Initiative is a way of helping students simplifying the number of choices about course selection for an intentional, comprehensive program of study within one or two terms. Shoreline CC is working on this, and I will be glad to participate and learn more about this aspect of instruction and course design.

This quarter I have two courses at Shoreline – which is a real boon during this season of College budget and offering cutbacks. I am also working to learn more options for branching out, and more ways to help enhance what our college can offer in tough times.

This week I will also get to attend a Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education – a three-day event which I will attend online. Lots to learn!

I’ll write more as I gain new insights on Learning OUtcomes, on Guided Pathways, and on Sustainability in Higher Education.

Have a great quarter!