Week Seven - August 10-14

DUE August 11: Assignment 6





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There are 3 ITC 298 Special Topic sections scheduled, and I am accepting input from students as to their preferences. Suggestions include: Flash Actionscript, WordPress, Illustrator, Software Testing. Email your recommendations: lsandoval@sccd.ctc.edu


August 19 is the last day to request NC (no credit) or I (Incomplete) grades for their classes. There is paperwork for these requests in the IT Programs office.


ALERT: Due to the IT Programs move to newly remodeled spaces over the break, there will be no access to computer labs during the break.




FINAL: Due Thursday, August 20

Have your finalized portfolio, with resume, online profile, and other crosslinks in place by the Final Exam day, 8/20 4pm. 150 points.



Thursday, August 13


  • Articles discussion
  • Interviewing discussion




Tuesday, August 11


  • Guest Speaker - Dan Williams, SmartDept



  • Bring a copy of your resume to class on Thursday and next Tuesday.
  • Bring 4-5 standard interview questions
  • Bring 2-3 wacky interview questions you read about










This Week's Discussions





  • They interview you for skills, personality, fit
  • You interview them for environment, interest, compensation
  • All interviews different
  • Many interviews leave things unresolved
  • Some interesting points


Interview types

  • Informational interview - you lead the interview
  • Recruiter phone - to clarify your resume, skillset, and availability
  • Recruiter in-person - To meet you, see your work, share agency, benefit and compensation info
  • HR phone -To ask questions to see if you match hiring manager's job description
  • Hiring manager phone - to tell you about the job, ask herd-thinning questions, sometimes ask for specific info
  • Hiring manager in-person - To see you, ask more detailed questions in person, maybe have you fill out application and provide info. Can be initial or offer interview.
  • Hiring manager + team in-person - To let the team meet and grill you, Also known as interview by committee
  • Griller/demonstrate in-person - can be solo or team meeting, where you are asked to demonstrate skills - whiteboard, computer, discussion of an issue, etc.


When to ask what?

  • What does job detail entail - when you are given overview
  • What is the pay - this varies. Sometimes first interview too early for interviewer, who prefers to make an offer.
  • What are the benefits - see above


Those interview questions


Interviewing to dos

  • Have a paper resume and references, plus your ID, SS Card, and/or equivalent ID if needed
  • Be tidy, appropriate to environment, and respectful
  • Have eaten and be hydrated.
  • Listen carefully to question and answer what they ask (within reason). Pause and think, and be accurate
  • Let your personality show
  • Be prepared about company and job description
  • Focus on your ability to be a benefit and a problem solver
  • Ask questions about the work, team, and accomplishments


Interviewing faux pax

  • Don't be untidy, unprepared, grouchy, or hungry/thirsty
  • Don't forget a paper resume and a backup plan for viewing your portfolio
  • Don't interrupt, fidget, look bored, or look too wired
  • Don't focus on benefits or salary. Wait till asked and consider your answer based on what you know.