Week Six - August 3-7

DUE August 4: Assignment 5

Final Project DUE Thursday, August 20, 4:00PM



Tuesday, August 4


  • Finding jobs
  • The job market
  • Recruiters
  • Human resources


READING - Interviewing:


ASSIGNMENT 6: Due Tuesday, August 11

Prepare your job search plan, with at least 3 places you plan to apply and short case studies of how you plan do do so. In addition, add a list of a least 5 job search resources you will likely use. Upload a all of this information in the same PDF document to the Google Apps WEB205 blog (page jobplan ) by the end of class on Tuesday, August 11. 50 points.





Thursday, August 6


  • Guest Speakers: Betsy Basch and Paul Firuz, Parker Tech
  • Making a job plan










This Week's Discussions


The job market

  • Permanent jobs shrinking
  • Temp jobs = agency contracts
  • Direct or agency project-by-project contracts (work for hire)
    • onsite at companies
    • online / telecommute
  • Freelancing on your own - full or partial


Finding jobs



  • Work for paying clients/companies that pay them
  • Take a cut before you get paid
  • Look at a lot of background
  • Match through databases
  • Can be capricious when giving time to candidates
  • May meet you in person
  • Likely to meet by phone
  • May work strictly be email
  • May push job opportunities they do not have


Human resources

  • Gateway to the company
  • Often don't have direct connection with department hiring manager
  • Give less time than recruiters
  • Hand over work to recruiters
  • Rarely know the ins and outs of the job opportunity
  • You mostly get lost here


Job compensation

  • Benefits from big agencies with big clients
  • Limited benefits from small agencies and gigs
  • Some gigs have in-house perks
  • Salaried means no overtime pay
  • Hourly/contract/temp means paid overtime
  • General salary info


Job descriptions

  • Very general
  • Too-specific
  • Spam opportunity
  • Fishing
  • Let's look at some


Some Job Resources




  • Parker Tech
  • Wimmer Solutions
  • Sakson/Aquent
  • Filter
  • 24/7
  • SmartDept
  • CampusPoint
  • Plenty of others


Making a job search plan

  • Every day do some searching, some improving, and some self-training
  • Check in with agencies once a week - late Friday, Tues or Wed
  • Mix & match tasks - computer and in-person
  • Tailor resumes/cover letters slightly as needed
  • Add to your portfolio/skills
  • Continue working - pro bono and collaborative
  • Look for short gigs
  • Research companies you get an interview with
  • Look for connections you or your network has


Focus on quality, not quantity

  • More job applications and boards is not better
  • Choose a few you can manage
  • Follow-up on tips and leads
  • Focus on being a top pick for the jobs you do apply for
  • Avoid wasting time on job opp spam


Keeping Track

  • Develop a job application log (Excel, database, proj management program)
  • Keep a copy of all job listings you apply for so you can review before interview