Week Four - July 20-24

DUE July 21: Assignment 3

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Tuesday, July 21


  • Why is an online presence important?
  • Need for a coordinated and consistent online presence
  • Information overload
  • Professional versus social networking
  • Networking and other self-promoting
  • Guest Speaker: Sandi Olson, web professional


READING - Online Presence:


ASSIGNMENT 4: Due Tuesday, July 28

Prepare an AIA and detail of your portfolio content - planned samples and case studies, resume content, introduction, etc. and upload a 2+ page PDF document to the Google Apps WEB205 blog (page PortfolioContent) by the end of class on Tuesday, July 28. 50 points.





Thursday, July 23


  • Discussion: Sandi's visit, the articles?
  • Check It Out: Tying it together
  • In-class task: Google Profile fill-out
  • In-class task: Look over LinkedIn
  • In class task: Resume Swap!
    • It's about the resume, NOT the person
    • Look for good stuff that stands out
    • Look for things that might be dinged
    • Let your partner know how the resume strikes you from a hiring standpoint











This Week's Discussions



  • You already have an online presence if you ever posted a blog, filled out a job board, are on FaceBook/MySpace/other, have signed up for and attended events posted online, etc.
  • Your job as a professional is to guide your own online profile.
  • Make your profile as consistent with your branding / message / services as possible.
  • At the same time, focus specifically on 2-5 tools that will help you, and avoid information/profile overload
  • WSJ article
  • Personal Branding Tip: Get a Google Profile


Consistency and professionalism

  • Employers Google and do other online searches for info about prospective employees
  • Party stuff/inconsistent messages get in your way
  • Limited ability to clean up past, so coordinate/organize now and future


Information overload!

  • More is not better, just more and often overkill
  • Choose 2-5 tools you can easily maintain and like to direct your efforts: portfolio, professional connector, social connector, Google, main job board or two
  • Avoid being buried under possibilities by choosing useful and non time-wasters to help you


Online presence occurs already:

  • Portfolio
  • Professional network connector - LinkedIn
  • Specific profile(s) - social sites you visit
  • Networking groups - like MeetUp, User Groups
  • Event profiles
  • Email signatures
  • Online/mobile business cards


Consider your portfolio your main profile space, and radiate out from it.

  • Your most and best efforts
  • Link outward
  • Reputation control


Extra coverage techniques

  • Using metatags appropriately on your portfolio: title, description, author, keywords, cloud tags
  • Listing successes: clients, skills, types of projects. pro-bono clients
  • Cross-linking: PDF resume(s), LinkedIn, main job board profile, networking group(s), blogs you participate in, publications, awards


Other self promotion

  • Networking - MeetUp, Lunch 2.0, user groups, events
  • Pro-bonos
  • Blog involvement - writing for popular blogs / publishing articles
  • Guest speaking (we hope!)


Protect you online reputation

  • Generate positive search results that will rank as highly as possible in a Google
  • Check for activity connected to your name
  • Set up a news feed for your name to monitor when and if you pop up on blogs or in news stories.
  • Take care what you publish on the web.
  • Set up a Google profile because it lists earliest.