Week Three - July 13-17

DUE July 14: Assignment 2



Tuesday, July 14


  • Resume basics
  • Cover letter basics
  • Targeting basics


EVENT - Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Curious Office & H-Farm Ventures at Curious Office, July 16, 11:30am - 1:00pm, Curious Office 911 Western Ave #420 Seattle, Washington 98104. Free. Networking opportunity.

READING - Job Searching:


ASSIGNMENT 3: Due Tuesday, July 21

Develop a current resume and cover letter, and upload a PDF containing both to the Google Apps WEB205 blog (page Resume) by the end of class on Tuesday, July 21. 50 points.





Thursday, July 16


  • Guest Speaker: Dan Williams is unable to come today due to a client meeting - sorry! He will reschedule.
  • Reading discussions
  • Know your market












This Week's Discussions




Discussion: articles


Random Question: Does not participating or having an opinion here in this class make you practiced in really standing out when you apply for work?



Targeting basics

  • For an agency - can be more generic with full info - 2 pager
  • For a company board - fill in the blanks and/or upload PDF/Doc
  • For a job board - same as company board
  • For a job application - fill out by hand but have resume handy


Freelance mindset

  • You are a professional when you work in the field, not based on the type of job - it's what you think
  • Combo jobs - more than one at a time, mult part-time
  • Contract to hire - 1-3 month+
  • Long term contract with benefits - like Microsoft
  • Get agency help - starter contracts, fill-in, project bits
  • Flexible workplaces


Resumes and recruiters - what they say: see emails


Know your market


Other market information:






Resume basics

  • Key elements - contact info, summary/objective, skills list, project list, education, experience, keywords
  • Style - active, action words, benefits not features
  • Number of pages - 1 or 2?
  • Chronological, Functional, Combination, Targeted
    • Chronological: Focuses on experience and dates first. Many employers like but not so good if you have gaps.
    • Functional: Focuses on skills that demonstrate your qualifications rather than your chronological work history. Best if you have gaps, prefer project work, etc.
    • Combination: Combines skills under a chrono format.
    • Targeted:
  • Examples: LJ short, LJ long, Sinkula
  • Resume blasting - never spend money. Do a little legwork of your own, and pick 3-4 key job boards (more later)
  • Design Tips (lower half of page)
  • Fine Tuning
  • Getting it read


Cover letter basics


Format basics

  • Print - as needed, fresh good paper for an interview
  • PDF - 1 page and 2 page version, and/or 1 or 2 generic variations for web site
  • Online - using a job board service like Indeed.com