Week Two - July 6-10


DUE July 7: Assignment 1



Something cool: Attend OpenSource World for Free



Thursday, July 9


  • Discussion from articles
  • Standing out in a crowd
  • Niches
  • Doing what you say you can do






Tuesday, July 7


  • What is your identity/brand?
  • Why useful/necessary to have one?
  • What has your skills assessment done to help you clarify?
  • Do you have ideas for your own branding?


READING - Identity/Standing out:



ASSIGNMENT 2: Due Tuesday, July 14

Create your personal logo and business card concept and upload a PDF of the final example to the Google Apps WEB205 blog (page Logos) by the end of class on Tuesday, July 14. 50 points.








This Week's Discussions



  • Personal Branding
    • Should first impressions be critical at this stage?
    • Do you buy that what others think of you/your professional persona is ultimate?
    • Do you think it would be an asset for you? Why?
  • Designer, Heal Thyself - “I don’t need an identity— my work speaks for itself.” Do you feel that way?
  • Better Brand
    • Do you know what you are not or don't want to be?
    • What do you most enjoy doing? What do you hate?
    • What value will you provide, to whom, and how?


More about standing out:

  • Create your bio
  • Create your blurb
  • Consider your experiential titles


Bio basics:

  • Use 4-10 sentences (1-2 short paragraph)
  • Offer a brief profile - amount of experience, stypes of skills, experience type, client/customer types, ideology/value statement
  • Offer short list of services


Blurb basics:

  • Consider your 'elevator speech' bio - 1 or two sentences that sum you up
  • Have a experience-based title or two you can swap out
  • Have a focus on your 1 or 2 key strengths and values
  • Also have a focus on your benefit to customers/employers


Experience-based titles:

  • Creative: web designer, production artist, webmaster, UI designer, UX designer, graphic designer, web producer, web specialist, content editor, web editor, multimedia editor
  • Dev: web developer, programmer (PHP, Java, ASP, etc.), applications developer, software developer, network administrator, database administrator, flash developer, visual developer, web engineer
  • Project: project manager, project coordinator, scrum master, art director, creative director, agile development manager
  • Other: lead, senior, junior, consultant, UI or UX anything, web analyst, freelance, contract, game, tester


More about logos:

  • Play with several typefaces
  • Mix and match font families
  • Mix and match colors and opacity
  • Focus on legibility, readability, and your personal style
  • Take what you like and refine with kerning, sizing, color and art
  • Use a vector-based design for resizability


More about business cards:

  • Get/make a business card template (sinkula, vista)
  • Decide which orientation you'll use - verical horizontal
  • Decide if you'll do one or two-sided cards
  • Decide if you'll want color or grayscale
  • Use your logotype to create a business card with: your name, title, email, URL and business address, and phone (if you'd like).
  • Think about the paper and effects you might order - texture, natural, colors, embossing, etc.
  • Check out Tutorials for Business Card Design
  • One possible online printing service: VistaPrint






Where do you fit?

  • Google web designer: 395,000,000
  • Google web developer: 65,900,000


Personal Brand

  • Your personal identity that gets a response about the qualities or values for which that you or your business stands.
  • Based on your capabilities and experience
  • Needs to weed through information overload
  • Needs to show how you stand out from your competition


Your Identity

  • How you want the consumer to perceive you, your company, and your services: reliable, skilled, creative, efficient, rock-star, fix-it, rainmaker, problemsolver, money saver?
  • What did your skills assessment tell you stands out about you?
  • How do you think you can use that to personalize your identity?
    • good tech know-how
    • speed and efficiency
    • creative solutions
    • big picture/full-project thinker?
    • content capabilities?
    • training/speaking?


Do you want to aim for a niche?

  • General - the general overview of all you can do
  • Niche - the niche or specialty you can use to stand out
  • Task - bits and pieces you can get experience with in parts of projects - which can be a niche in itself


What do you need to consider?

  • Your personal branding for meetings/networking
  • Your bio/elevator speech
  • Self promotion for connecting
  • Happy clients



  • What catches your eye?
  • What helps communicate your style/skill-set?
  • What identifies you without getting in the way of samples?
  • Funky logo site


Business card

  • Print - hand out at events, etc.
  • Online - it's called your email footer
  • PDA/mobile - Dropcard
  • Other - make your own nameplates for conferences