Week One - June 29 - July 3




Thursday, July 2


TO DO at start of class:

  • Turn off all noise-making phones, pagers, etc. (Teacher too!)
  • Pull out your article discussion points




About Books

  • Optional: Ace the IT Job Interview! by Paula Moreira, Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Edition: Jan. 2008, Format: Paperback, ISBN-10: 0071495789, ISBN-13: 9780071495783. Overall, slanted for IT/tech/programming
  • Optional: Graphic Artists Guild Handbook, Graphic Artists Guild, Edition: Sept. 2007, Format: Paperback, ISBN-10: 0932102131, ISBN-13: 978-0932102133. Overall, slanted for design, creative, combo


Today we're going to:

  • Discuss Tuesday's reading assignment and the points you thought of.
  • Discuss what web careers means to you
  • Cover Q&A about skills assessments
  • Chat about career paths




  • Make sure you can get on GoogleApps and add a comment to the home page of the blog.


ASSIGNMENT 1: Due Tuesday, July 7

  • Create a skills assessment self-report (1-2 pages of well-thought-out answers to the questions that suit the future you are working for) and UPLOAD to the Google Apps WEB205 blog (page Skills Assessment) by the end of class on Tuesday, July 7. 30 points.





Tuesday, June 30


So, who am I, and why am I here? Besides the existential possibilities, I'm a Seattle Community College District / Highline Community College / UW grad, have other certification, lots of experience, and enjoy sharing what I know.


FIRST - no worries. If you are not yet signed up for this class, and/or are awaiting financial aid, you can sign into the computers as a guest: just hit enter at the open login, then enter again. This should work for the first 2 weeks.


Today we've got a lot to cover:


There will be no required book. We'll do assigned reading and discussion from the web.


  • Syllabus
  • Class Layout
  • Optional book: Ace the IT Job Interview! by Paula Moreira, Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Edition: Jan. 2008, Format: Paperback, ISBN-10: 0071495789, ISBN-13: 9780071495783
  • Class Tools: web site, class blog, free webspace, USB
  • GoogleApps - REQUIRED: setting up your student account
  • Go over Assignment #1 expectations


Reading: "Web Worker Machine", "Cubicle Dwelling". Prep 3 career-savvy observations from these articles to discuss in class Thursday, July 2.


Task: Free-Space.net - research, try to sign up if you don't have your own webhost.






For Discussion


What did you think about the articles?

  • "Web Worker Machine" - what do web workers need to be successful? What do you think about the soft-skills comments?
  • "Cubicle Dwelling" - where will web workers be in the future as office locations become less appealing? What do you think about the'freelancer mindset' and what does that mean?


Basic careers overview

Career Paths: web designer, web producer, web programmer/developer, UX/UI specialist, web specialist, project manager. Combo skills and ability to understand/work with different sides of the web brain is crucial.


Specialization: e-commerce, application development, usability, database integration, CMS specialties, content editors


Qualifications: Oh, pretty much everything.

  • Many employers require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, graphic design or digital media. Others accept a combo of education and work experience.
  • A marketing or advertising degree combined with advanced computer training will also prepare future web designers for the workplace.
  • Effective communicators with an ability to explain technical issues in everyday language, present, teach, and coordinate with teams.
  • Effectively translate ideas into reality, see the big picture, look at the end results, and excel at detail organization.
  • Strong computer skills and a willingness to stay updated on emerging technologies is a must.
  • Soft skills, like communication, organization, networking, and relationships is more in demand than ever.
  • Success depends on a solid blend of expertise, technical proficiency, and creativity.


Work Situations: Permanent hire, agency contract, solo contract, freelance, consultant


Employers: corporate, medical, government, small business, education, many more.


Realities of web careers:

  • Discuss your beliefs and ideas
  • What got you interested in a web career?
  • What do you see for your career options and plans?