Howdy folks!





Summer Quarter 2009 has ended, all grades have been turned in, and L.J. Bothell is out until the beginning of Fall Quarter. Happy vacation!



LJ's 4 Basic Class Rules:


  • Have fun
  • All phones, pagers, buzzers, music, tones, etc. OFF
  • Don't sweat it
  • See Rule #1



Class Layout


Here are our priorities:


  • Produce an industry-oriented portfolio
  • Revise and/or create an industry-oriented resume
  • Revise and/or create effectively written cover letters
  • Create a reserve of online job-related resources
  • Learn to network with local industry professionals
  • Refine and practice interviewing strategies
  • Develop on online profile that supports continuous career growth


At this point, we'll be an assignment/task-based class only.


In most cases I'll chat and demo stuff at the beginning of class, set up assignment goals, and see if we can tuck in at least a few minutes per class for working/questions.


I'll make sure we all have the basics and are on the same page as we go. I will also will spend a little time in setting up each assignment, with


  • The objectives,
  • Tips and tricks
  • How the assignment fits in the real world, and
  • How to approach it