Extra Credit




Pick one of the following, and complete it/show me by Tuesday, 8/18/09. You can (and should) do all three but extra credit will be for one.


You can either upload it to the extra credit page on our blog, or add it as the extra credit link on your portal page.


LinkedIn Profile


Create a full free profile on LinkedIn

  • Fill out all the relevant fields about education, experience, etc. you possibly can.
  • Invite me and at least 5 other people you know that you can find on LinkedIn or your recent networking.
  • Check out the Answers section, such as recent questions in Job Search or a related area. Find a question or two that looks interesting and offer an answer.
  • Check out the jobs area and see if there is something interesting to apply to.
  • Email me from your LinkedIn mailbox about the signup process and what you think of the potential for the resource. Use 1-3 short paragraphs in the LinkedIn email.


Get an Agency


Sign up with one real agency, like CampusPoint, SmartDept, Volt tech, Parker Tech, Aquent, etc.

  • Complete the required online profile for their database
  • Schedule an interview to meet someone in the agency so you can make a personal impression
  • Let me know how far you get and how you felt in a 1-3 paragraph summary.


Get a Short Non Profit/Volunteer Gig


Choose something either local or totally telecommuting from VolunteerSolutions, VolunteerMatch, or Idealist.org.

  • Complete an online profile and matching preferences for the one you choose.
  • Run the filter based on your preferences and see which opportunities come up.
  • Choose one to apply for, and share info about that contact and possible project with me in 1-3 short paragraphs.