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Hello. I’d like to learn more about working with you in your recently listed ____________ opportunity. I have very strong skills in (JOB SUMMATION HERE).


I am a multidisciplinary web & print designer with project coordination and writing experience, and I have corporate, nonprofit, contract, and freelance experience in design/production/content (with a usability/customer-centered focus). My strengths include usability/customer orientation, project/traffic coordination, communications planning, and streamlined production skills. Past contracts include Boeing, Group Health, WA State Ferries, The Cobalt Group, TCS Expeditions, and several freelance clients.


My portfolio is at, my LinkedIn profile is at, and I’ll attach a recent resume. I can be contacted at


Please let me know how I can assist you. Thank you.


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I'm great with fun/challenging/highly diverse creative positions & projects that knock other people flat. I solve problems, streamline processes, cut costs and raise standards while focusing on customer needs. My corporate, non-profit, contract, and freelance experience includes cost-effective concept, design and production of marketing, publication & web projects with low budgets and tight deadlines.