Assignments are due on their due date. They lose 20% points each late day, then 100% on the 3rd late day. One redo grade will be allowed at quarter's end of an assignment with less than 80% points.


You should soon receive an email with a link were you can sign in to see your own grade spreadsheet. You will need to sign in with your student login and password to access it.


ALL assignments except your final portfolio project are required to be uploaded to its respective page on the WEB205 Blog page. They will be visible to the class.


Note: If you don't want others in class to see your work, you can lock your PDF by saving it with a password required to view it. In Acrobat Pro, choose File/Properties, and use the settings tab to set a password required to open the document.Then email me the password, preferably one that you'll use for all assignments so I can check your assignments as they come in.




A1: Skills Assessment, Due Tuesday, July 7. 30 points.

A2: Logo and Business Card, Due Tuesday, July 14. 50 points.

A3: Resume and Cover Letter, Due Tuesday, July 21. 50 points.

A4: Portfolio Content, Due Tuesday, July 28. 50 points.

A5: Portfolio Sitemap & Comp, Due Tuesday, August 4. 50 points.

A6: Job Resources & Plan, Due Tuesday, August 11. 50 points.

Final: Online Portfolio + Interview, TBD. 150 points.


Extra Cred: Pick One, 20 points, due by Tuesday, 8/18.


Redo Grade: Choose by Tuesday, 8/18