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Assignment #4 - Web Site Shell


Due Date: Sunday, August 8. 35 points.



To create a 2 scene basic 3-page website shell, using the tools/techniques you have learned. The tutorials/layout examples may be helpful but the shell can be adapted - the content/look must be your own original.


NOTE: The preloader scene is necessary, but the Dynamic Text with the percentage in it is NOT.


Tutorials/Layout Basics: LJ's Class Website Tute, Website Tute, Preloader Tute



Your assignment should include:

  • Create a horizontal website 1024x768 sized animation, published for Flash Player 7 or later. DO NOT use the Flash Player 10 settings and AS3, since buttons won't work right without more AS3 training.
  • Have a concept: This is really a website shell, so you no don't need to find any client or create real text or images. However, you do need to create a theme/palette and sense of design continuity, accounting for a website header, footer, navigation, etc. For shell pages you can add text as simple as "this is page 1", and a placeholder thumbnail. Keep your workload simple!
  • Using these tools: The various toolbar tools for background colors and placeholder text/placeholder image boxes. Use layers as needed.
  • Creating these items: Use of tweens, frame-by-frame layout, layers, buttons, movie clip(s), super simple scripting, and a preloader (scene 1) for the main website animation (scene 2).
    • NOTE: The preloader scene is necessary, but the Dynamic Text with the percentage in it is NOT. You can easily do a preloader with the word loading, an animated message, etc. using the if (percent ==100){gotoAndPlay("moviescenename",1);}else{gotoAndPlay(1);} info in the preloader actionscript, as shown in class.
  • Using organizing principles: naming your layers, keeping a lean and tidy library, inserting/using web-ready graphics.
  • Use a hidden layer of your FLA file to add your name and email information, and a list of steps/problems you had.
  • Saving your file as a Flash FLA and a final Flash SWF with the filename: FirstnameLastname-Assign04.fla and swf. Then, save both into a ZIP file for uploading, using the same naming convention:
  • Uploading no more than 6.5 mb file to the Assignment 4 space on StudioBast E-Learning in your WEB170 course area.
  • Do not email files to me. Part of completing the assignment is lean file saving practice and successful uploading.



  • Have you added your identity information into your assignment on a hidden layer?
  • Have you named your files the way I expect and put them into a zip file?
  • Have you uploaded your assignment to the required assignment area so I can review it?
  • Have you double-checked that your assignment appears way you want me to grade it?
  • Have you emailed me in advance of the due date with a gameplan if you have had serious issues completing the assignment?