WEB170 Assignment Links

This is a 300 point class. Lotsa fun points!!


Assignments are due on their due date. They lose 33% points on the first late day, then 100% on the 2nd late day.


You should regularly sign in to StudioBast E-Learning to see your own grade spreadsheet. You will need to sign in with the login and password you choose to access it.


Upload no more than 6.5 mb files to the eligible folder shown with the appropriate Assignment reminder on StudioBast E-Learning in your WEB170 course area. Do not email assignments to me.





Graded Lessons




Additional Stuff

Graded. Up to 15 points available for:

  • Helping each other
  • Class participation
  • Forum interaction as needed


Extra Credit: Up to 20 extra points, no extra credit assignments set yet. Or, be an unofficial class assistant for extra credit and a resume note.


NOTE: There will be no redo assignment option for this class due to the short quarter.


Final Grades: Final grades will be uploaded and closed to change by August 25, 2010.