Class Schedule: WEB110 Summer 2012


Course Timeline: June 26 – August 17 (8 weeks)


Instructor: L.J. Bothell

Book: Web Authoring Boot Camp

Tuesdays/Thursdays: Room BE3156, 1:00-3:30pm.



Week 1: June 25

Objective: Introduction to WEB110 class and web authoring, and use of basic coding and validation tool.

Tasks: Set up USB Flash drive and StudioBast E-Learning

Quiz 1: Syllabus Agreement (required), due Friday, June 29. Take via StudioBast E-Learning.
Book: Introduction, Chapters 1, 4, 6-9


Week 2: July 2

Objective: Coding with basic XHTML and embedded CS styles, creating basic templates, and using FTP to upload files. Discuss layout and content basics.

Assignment 1: Your Assignment Links Portal, due Thursday, July 5.

Quiz 2: FTP, due Sat, July 7.

Book: Chapters 9 -12


Week 3: July 9

OBJECTIVE: Coding of XHTML tables, and using table structuring for web page layout.

Task: Client Choice - Due Friday, July 13.

Assignment 2: Basic Tables, due Thursday, July 12.

Assignment 3: Table Template Page, due Sunday, July 15.

Book: Chapters 13-14


Week 4: July 16

OBJECTIVE: Continue basic, CS, and table layout coding. Discuss and website planning process, prepare AIA page and understand design sitemapping.

Meeting 1: Peer review participation in class, due Thursday, July 19.

Assignment 4: Final Site AIA, due Sunday, July 22.

Book: Chapters 1-3, 5, 15


Week 5: July 23

OBJECTIVE: Discuss website comps, website workflow, website layouts/styles, time management, and finding website content. Continue basic and CS coding.

Assignment 5: Final Site Sitemap, due Thursday, July 26.

Book: Chapters 1-4


Week 6: July 30

OBJECTIVE: Code XHTML contact forms and redirect pages.

Assignment 5: Final Site Comps, extension due Saturday, August 4.

Book: Chapter 17


Week 7: August 6

OBJECTIVE: Final project wrap-up, with discussion on extra touches, time management. Also one-on-one chats about comps-to-coding.

Eval: In-class Quarterly class evaluation, Tuesday, August 7.

Assignment 7: Portal Form and Redirect Page, due Thursday, August 9.

Extra Credit: All due Sunday, August 12

Book: Chapters 19, 22


Week 8: August 18

OBJECTIVE: Survive the week - Final project due!

Discussion/Demos: Lab time as needed.


FINAL PROJECT: 6+ page website and presentation, due Thursday, August 16, 1:00pm-3:00pm, ROOM #3151. You may not be your own client.


FINAL GRADES AVAILABLE: Available on the SCCC website on August 22, 2011, no changes.