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If you are HERE, you are in the right place! This is the Home Page of L.J. Bothell's WEB110 Web Authoring 1 class website, which is available for reference. It is being offered in Summer Quarter 2013 by other instructors.


What's next?

  • READ over THIS page for general WEB110 class information.
  • READ over the Are You Ready page for general WEB110 information.
  • GET a 2gig USB Flash Drive to bring to the first class on Tuesday, June 26.
  • READ over the WEB110 Syllabus page for WEB110 objectives, responsibilities, and requirements.
  • CLICK the various links on the left-hand side of this page to find your way around.
  • GO TO the notes for Week 1: Basics and check it out.





LJ's Class Rules




Class Layout


WEB110: Web Authoring 1 is a 100% face-to-face class with hybrid information elements. It is the first in a sequence of IT training classes that are designed to prepare you for continuing coursework in a professional certificate and/or AA in Web Design or Web Development. It is an introduction to website planning, coding and production. Topics covered will include document structure and hierarchy, text, list, link, image, table, frame, and form elements. You'll create web pages "by hand" using a simple text editor, with emphasis placed on correct XHTML syntax and validation. It is fast-paced, in-class demo oriented, and focuses on workplace standards, process, and workflow. It does not teach a visual design web editor or serve to help you learn to create personal websites on-the-fly.


Here are our class plans:

  • Basic website planning and workflow.
  • Clean by-hand XHTML code and embedded CS style code that validates according to current industry standards.
  • Understand basic web design structure, styling and layout, and visitor-focused usability needs.
  • Code takeaways/templates for future reuse.
  • Effective time management planning, organized workflow, and good communications to work effectively.
  • Complete 8 assignments, a final project, and a couple of quizzes over 8 weeks.


In most cases I'll chat and demo stuff through most of the class, set up assignment goals, and be open for questions. I'll also aim for one or two short breaks so our minds don't implode.


I'll make sure we all have the basics and are on the same page as we go. I will also will spend a little time in setting up each assignment, with

  • The objectives,
  • How the assignment fits in the real world,
  • How to approach the work,
  • Tips and tricks, and
  • Extolling the virtues of my favorite beverage - Starbucks mochas!