Final Project: 6+ Page Website





Build a 6+ page static real and working web site based on the information and design concept you developed in your AIA, sitemap, and design comps, and present it in class for your peers. Demonstrate sum total of all you learned over the quarter for planning, designing, coding and validating static visitor-centered web pages, plus show basic presentation skills. Final due date is Thursday, August 18, 1:00pm, Room BE3156. 150 total points (20 for presenting, 130 for project). NO EXTENSIONS.



This means that whichever subject you choose - your brother-in-law, a fave local dive, a band, a new business, or a community center site, I AM the client you need to focus on for your final. You need to meet the learning objectives and requirements of this project. Any selected client may not push you beyond the required pages, basic coding skills we will learn, etc. ASK ME if you have questions, but you and I are in charge here.




Topic Choices

Required in SB Forum by Tuesday, July 12.

  • Find a website customer of your own - a family member, friend, or local business/place which could use a basic 6 page static website, OR
  • Pitch me a complete service-learning / public-service / social justice website concept, such as a Community Center, Service Learning for students, Volunteering opportunities for any/all age groups, Global Initatives, or an Info/Resource site on a topic you think will help people.
  • Note: You can not be your own client (no self-portfolios, etc.).


General Expectations

  • 20 points for presentation.
  • 130 points for the website - completeness, all links working, validation, layout, content handling (even generic content)
  • Your Final Project should link to your Assignment Links Portal page, and should be stored in your Edison web110/final folder OR to the actual client's webhost location (if it happens to exist and be different).
  • You CANNOT use frames or image mapping strategies for the website layout and design.
  • You may use HTML 5 doctype if you wish but stick with other WEB110 format/coding expectations..
  • NO Late final project presentation or uploading- I am grading the evening after class. No-shows lose presentation points. Assignments not uploaded before class also lose points.


Website Pages Expectations

We'll have talked a lot about this in class, but essentially, your project site requires all of the following pages:

  • Index (Home) page
  • Contact form page (which should also have address, directions, email, etc. on it).
  • Thank you/Redirect page
  • Disclaimer page, AND
  • At least 2 additional different pages that you create that are directly relevant to your client's/project's needs, like 'about us', 'products', 'services', 'how we stand out', 'resources', 'gallery', 'FAQs', and/or other special information, etc.
    • Links to external web sites or blogs do not count as a "page" created by you.
  • ALL pages need your Head Section code personalized - title, meta tags, etc.
  • Validate at least your index and contact form pages (preferably all) and add the W3C validation link (icon or words) at the bottom of the page(s).


Content Expectations

  • Unique banner design with some logo/logotype that clearly identifies your client's web site/identity;
  • Several images. If client does not provide, 'borrow' from PhotoXpress free, FreeFoto, Creative Commons, or public domain images that fit the client's product/service;
  • Appropriate headers, subheaders, and text in appropriate text areas - main content, sidebars, captions, etc. If client doesn't provide, use Lorem Ipsum but design as if it is real text suiting the client's product/service;
  • Section subheads so text is identified and broken up for easy viewability;
  • Real navigation that works on and looks the same on every page - including the Thanks page;
  • Real disclaimer text, including a note about any 'borrowed' images and text you might have used;
  • Real client-personalized form and contact information
  • Real client-personalized thank-you page content;
  • Creative and readable use of colors, font faces, font sizes, borders, and other style devices;
  • Use of a table to layout the web page as a whole, and nested tables as needed for specific information layout;
  • Validation on the at least the index.html page, either as an image or word link in the footer (all pages if possible);
  • REPEAT: You can not use frames or image mapping strategies, or a class demo existing template, for your client's web site layout and design.


Presentation Expectations

You should be prepared to present the site in class for about 2-3 minutes (20 points):

  • Be relaxed
  • Have fun
  • Walk folks through the sections of your site with all the working links, and chat about how you came up with the design ideas
  • Let us know how working with your client was
  • Share what you learned and enjoyed most from the project
  • Have FUN!!



  • Build one template.html page of the website first, with the table layout, banner image/background, headers and some text, embedded CS style rules in the header, meta tags, active navigation links to pending pages, and active links in the footer.
  • Make sure your code is clean and well commented.
  • Validate your page and add the W3C validation icon at the bottom of the page.
  • When this one template page looks and works right and validates, then copy and save it with the name of the other pages you will link to, like contact.html, about.html, disclaimer.html, etc. Then fill in those pages with their own specific information.
  • UPLOAD your work as you build, rather than waiting till the whole thing is complete. Consider your uploads another BACKUP!!




  • Does your work include ALL the assignment requirements?
  • Have you personalized the header code of web page specifically for this assignment?
  • Have you made sure there is an accurate working link from your Assignment Links Portal page to this assignment?
  • Have you made sure you can reach your Assignment Links Portal page from this assignment?
  • Have you validated your code and added the W3C validation icon at the bottom of your page(s)?
  • Have you uploaded your assignment to your remote server space so I can review it?
  • Have you tested that your assignment appears live on the Internet the way you want me to grade it?
  • Have you emailed me before the due date if you had serious problems completing the assignment?