Extra Credit #4: Image Map





Create a basic imagemap on a web page. DUE Sunday, August 12. 5 points


NOTES about Image Maps


To Do

  • In your web110/extra folder, create a imagemap subfolder with its own images folder.
  • Create a new blank file called index.html and save it inside your web110/extra/imagemap folder.
  • On the page, use a header to "introduce" the image you will be imagemapping.
  • Build a table to "assemble" an image of your choice in 3 rows, 3 table data cells.
  • Choose an image approx. 4"x4" (approximate), and slice the image into 9 (NINE) parts.
  • W3C Validate the page and add the W3C validation icon at the bottom of your page.
  • FTP it to your remote Edison server space.
  • Upload it to your web110/extra/imagemap folder as index.html. Make sure any images used are also uploaded.
  • Verify that the EC4:Image Map link on your Portal page links to this task.