Extra Credit #3: Disclaimer Page





A disclaimer page is a boilerplate piece you can add to any website you work on and modify the ClientName and DesignerName for the particular project.


Build a personalized Disclaimer Page that uses the layout format of your final Portal Page. DUE Sunday, August 12,. 5 points




To Do

  • Copy your Portal Page and save in your web/110 folder as disclaimer.html to use as a template.
  • Get basic Disclaimer text and copy it into your page's content area - replacing your existing bio info, images, and fave links in the disclaimer.html..
  • Change the appropriate ClientName (to WEB110) and DesignerName (to Your name), and format the text to look nice and have paragraph breaks.
  • W3C Validate the page and add the W3C validation icon at the bottom of your page.
  • FTP it to your remote Edison server space.
  • Upload it to your web110 folder as disclaimer.html
  • Check our Assignment Link Portals Page to verify that EC:Disclaimer link and the disclaimer link in the footer of your portal page links to this task.