Assignment #6: Client Site Design Comps (2) page





Based on YOUR client project. Build a 3rd page to the website you started in Assignment 4 , and Assignment 6, that shows two (2) basic design comps illustrating your Final Project website concept. Use the AIA page from A4 as a template. All links to each page of A4, A5, and this A6 need to work. DUE DATE EXTENDED SATURDAY, August 4. 50 points. Based on Chapter 5.


DO NOT copy exact styles/colors/layout from Class Demo or upload that instead of your own Client project work, because I will give ZERO points if you do.





To Do

  • USE your a4/index.html or a5/index.html as the template for the table-structured page of this assignment. Save it as index.html in your a6 folder, and be sure to personalize your head section and adjust your global navigation so it works with the a4 and a5 assignments.
  • Use something like MS Powerpoint, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, or another program you are comfortable with. Do not sketch and scan.
  • Create comp illustrations of the design look of 2 (two) of the pages you plan to build for your Client website - the home page and another page, like the products or services page. 2 comps are required. Make sure it is a full design you are pretty sure you can build with your existing skills, resources, homework load, and reasonable time.
  • Each comp should be of the SAME overall template look (consistent with minor changes) but used for a design of your Home page and another, different page, NOT different designs of, or copies of, the same exact page.
  • Each comp is to share the same consistent design - NOT 2 different single-page designs.
  • Make a screenshot or save the comp pages as jpg or gif images, and add them to the content section of this a6/index.html page.Make sure it is saved in your a6/images folder.
  • Validate your page and add the W3C validation icon below your comps images.
  • Upload it to your web110/a6 folder as index.html. Upload the appropriate images to your web110/a6/images folder.
  • Check our Assignment Link Portals Page to verify that Assignment 6 on your Portal page links to this assignment.



  • Do not code your client website, then take screenshots.




  • Does your work include ALL the assignment requirements?
  • Have you personalized the header code of web page specifically for this assignment?
  • Have you made sure there is an accurate working link from your Assignment Links Portal page to this assignment?
  • Have you made sure you can reach your Assignment Links Portal page from this assignment?
  • Have you validated your code and added the W3C validation icon at the bottom of your page(s)?
  • Have you uploaded your assignment to your remote server space so I can review it?
  • Have you tested that your assignment appears live on the Internet the way you want me to grade it?
  • Have you emailed me before the due date if you had serious problems completing the assignment?