Assignment #5: Client Site Design Sitemap page





Based on YOUR client project. Build a 2nd page to the website you started in Assignment 4 , website that shows one (1) design sitemap which organizes your Final Project website concept. Use the AIA page from A4 as a template. All links to each page between both A4 and this A5 need to work. DUE Thursday, July 26. 50 points. Based on Chapter 5.


DO NOT copy exact styles/colors/layout from Class Demo or upload that instead of your own Client project work, because I will give ZERO points if you do.




To Do

Getting Started

  • Use the web page layout you created for Assignment 4 as a template for the Assignment 5 page.
  • Create working links to the AIA, Sitemap, and Comps pages for each page's navigation. All must work.
  • Make sure the pages have the working validation icon.
  • Make sure your footer links to your email and back to your portal work.
  • Create a sitemap of the pages you plan to build for your client website.
  • Plan on showing a sitemap for at least 6 separate pages, that you will create, including home, contact, thanks, disclaimer, etc.
  • Use MS Powerpoint or another program (Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixlr, etc.) you like to create the sitemap. Save the sitemap as a jpg or gif image.
  • Add this sitemap image to the content section of your a5/index.html page. Make sure it is saved in your a5/images folder.
  • Validate your page and add the W3C validation icon below your sitemap image..
  • Upload the page to your web110/a5 folder as index.html
  • Check our Assignment Link Portals Page to verify that A5:Sitemap on your Portal page links to this assignment.





  • Does your work include ALL the assignment requirements?
  • Have you personalized the header code of web page specifically for this assignment?
  • Have you made sure there is an accurate working link from your Assignment Links Portal page to this assignment?
  • Have you made sure you can reach your Assignment Links Portal page from this assignment?
  • Have you validated your code and added the W3C validation icon at the bottom of your page(s)?
  • Have you uploaded your assignment to your remote server space so I can review it?
  • Have you tested that your assignment appears live on the Internet the way you want me to grade it?
  • Have you emailed me before the due date if you had serious problems completing the assignment?