Assignment #4: Final Client AIA Table page





Based on YOUR client project. Build one (1) web page to be used as a template for this and Assignments 5 & 6. Prepare necessary information for an Audience, Issues, and Approach (AIA) for this page. This information is about your Final Project website's potential audiences. DUE Sunday, July 22. 50 points. Based on Chapter 5.


DO NOT copy exact styles/colors/layout from Class Demo or upload that instead of your own Client project work, because I will give ZERO points if you do.





To Do

  • Create a new blank file called index.html and save it inside your web110/a4 folder - OR use one of your tabletemplate.html files from your demos folder to start. Your page structure table does NOT have to look just like mine.
  • Code a full head section with doctype, meta info, and title if NOT using your tabletemplate.html file/personalize IF using.
  • Create a web page structure that shows your banner. navigation, content, and footer areas.
  • In your Navigation section, add links to AIA Table, Design Sitemap, and Design Comps. AIA table should link to #.
  • Build a nested table in your Content section to organize your AIA information.
  • Add AIA content for at least 2 separate audiences, with at least 3 issues and approaches for each audience, and think it through. No using same info for each audience. SEE BELOW
  • Have your copyright info, an email link, and a link to your Portal page coded in your Page's footer section.
  • Validate your page and add the W3C validation icon below your nested AIA table. Note: Validation errors will cost at least 5 points off.
  • Upload it to your web110/a4 folder as index.html
  • Check our Assignment Link Portals Page to verify that A4:AIA Table on your Portal page links to this assignment.


More on AIA Issues and Approaches

  • What timeline issues do you have to consider to finish the client website by August 16? How will you plan for that?
  • What skills-related issues might you have to completing the website as your client asks for it? How can you deal with these?
  • What audience-related issues might you face for creating a readable, accessible, and well-layed-out design? How can you design the site to accommodate?
  • What connectivity issues might you consider for the audience to get at the website information: download speeds, mobile devices (smaller view-size), amount of text to be read, etc.? How will you take these into account?
  • What issues might you face with getting the information you need from the client? Where/how can you gain info and images you need to flesh out a working prototype of the site?



  • Does your work include ALL the assignment requirements?
  • Have you personalized the header code of web page specifically for this assignment?
  • Have you made sure there is an accurate working link from your Assignment Links Portal page to this assignment?
  • Have you made sure you can reach your Assignment Links Portal page from this assignment?
  • Have you validated your code and added the W3C validation icon at the bottom of your page(s)?
  • Have you uploaded your assignment to your remote server space so I can review it?
  • Have you tested that your assignment appears live on the Internet the way you want me to grade it?
  • Have you emailed me before the due date if you had serious problems completing the assignment?