Assignments Listing


This is a 500 point class. Lotsa fun points!!


Assignments must be uploaded and double-checked by their due date. They lose 33.3% points on the first late day, then 100% on the 2nd late day - no quibbling. See Class FAQ's for grading and late work information.


All xhtml work needs to be done by hand, in a text editor like Crimson Editor (pc), Notepad, Komodo (all) TextWrangler (mac), etc. Any WYSIWYG editing, like in Dreamweaver, is not acceptable - that will come in the level 2 class. Your code will show the difference and I will know.


You should be able to sign in to the StudioBast E-Learning Tool to see your own grade spreadsheet. You will need to sign in with your login and password to access it. You are responsible for keeping up on this and letting me know your grade concerns ASAP.





  • A1: Assignment Links Portal page, 30 points, due Thursday, July 5.
  • A2: Basic Tables page, 30 points, due Thursday, July 12.
  • A3: Table Template page, 30 points, due Sunday, July 15.
  • A4: Final Site AIA Table page about final project website, 50 points, due Sunday, July 22.
  • A5: Final Site Design Sitemap page, 50 points, due Thursday, July 26.
  • A6: Final Site Comps (2) page, about final project website, 50 points, due Thursday August 2.
  • A7: Assignments Portal Form and Results pages, 50 points, due Thursday, August 9.
  • Final Project: 6+ website and presentation 150 points, due Thursday, August 16. You may not be your own client.




  • Q1: Syllabus Agreement, 15 points, due Friday, June 29. Take via StudioBast E-Learning. REQUIRED to stay in class.
  • Q2: FTP / Web Directory Review (Pass/Fail), 15 points, Thursday, July 5. If we don;t have time to do this in class, I need you to EMAIL ME your student login and last 6 numbers of your student ID number so I can look at it on Edison.



  • M1: Peer review participation in class, 15 points, due Thursday, July 19.
  • M2: Client-site one-on-one with LJ, in class, 15 points, Weeks 6 & 7.



Due by Sunday, August 12.

  • Extra 1: Portal page upgrade, 10 points.
  • Extra 2: Fixit - Cats, 10 points.
  • Extra 3: Disclaimer, 5 points.




3 missed classes may result in loss of one (1) full grade point. I will pay close attention over this quarter because some of your classwork/demos will be starters for your assignments as well. Class attendance/participation is expected throughout quarter:

  • Attendance - You need to be here, not at work or out in the sun. So sorry.
  • Getting your Edison and StudioBast E-Learning set up quickly.
  • Help each other out
  • Ask questions, share ideas, and yes, catch teacher errors (heh heh heh)!
  • Keep up with ungraded in-class tasks and demos
  • Forum interaction with each other as needed and helpful
  • Do SCCC class eval/survey to help improve us!