Tutes: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013




Hallo! I am L.J. Bothell, and this is my tutoring support website for MS PowerPoint. Currently I tutor on PowerPoint 2013 although Office 365's full version of PowerPoint also translates.


LJ's Rules


  • Have fun
  • All phones, pagers, buzzers, music, tones, and other interrupters OFF
  • Don't sweat it
  • Don't panic (see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, back cover)
  • See Rule #1






Microsoft PowerPoint is a face-to-face tutoring session(s) with hybrid information elements. You should have some familiarity with computer use, keyboarding, and Internet/Web use to be get the most out of this. It is an introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint for general/business use. I tend to use demos, and to focuses on workplace standards, process, and workflow.


Here are our plans:

  • See where your overall skills are.
  • Discuss your needs/requirements.
  • See your PowerPoint skills.
  • Look at PowerPoint basics, like presentation slides set-up and styling, the program UI, etc.
  • Learn needed PowerPoint 2013 functions.
  • Create takeaways/templates for future reuse.
  • Discuss time management planning, organized workflow, and good communications to work effectively.
  • Complete demos and assignments.
  • Note: We do NOT go over computer basics, Internet basics, or keyboarding basics.


We will focus on the areas that you want/need assistance, so not all lessons, and/or not all parts of lessons, may be used. This site IS for your use, but we won't feel constrained to do all of this in paid tutoring sessions - though I would recommend we proceed in this order so the priorities and buiding-on-techniques in PowerPoint is observed.


I'll make sure we all have the basics and are on the same page as we go. I will also will spend a little time in setting up each assignment, with

  • The objectives,
  • How the assignment fits in the real world,
  • How to approach the work,
  • Tips and tricks, and
  • Extolling the virtues of my favorite beverage - mochas!