MIC ASSIGN #9: PowerPoint Basics




I’ll be grading your work based on what you upload to the MIC ASSIGN 9 section of the CANVAS tool. Name the file exactly like I require or you will lose points. DO NOT email your assignment to me - I will ignore it and you will get a ZERO.


This assignment will focus on some styling and on Inserts - images, charts, shapes, transitions.


Format eight (8) Slides in PowerPoint 2013 using the text I provide in the Original Text link. Format the Slide to look like the Required Outcome below. Upload to CANVAS before 11:59pm, Thursday, Thursday, March 12. 25 points.




Click For REQUIRED OUTCOME - there is some personalizing.



To Do

Download the Original Text, and save it as a new file called assign09firstinitiallastname.pptx in your USB Flash drive's MIC104t/MIC ASSIGNs folder. Example: assign09lbothell.pptx.


Open the link for the Required Outcome so you can see the specific format I want you to accomplish. Use this Required Outcome example to guide you in doing the following tasks:

  • The file will start with eight standard Slides of different layout types - do NOT change the layouts. Type your OWN name on Slide 1 like in the Required Outcome.
  • Select all the slides, and choose the CANDERA Fonts theme.
  • Select all the slides, and add the Style 5 background.
  • With all the slides still selected, format the Style 5 background by changing the preset background to Parchment - using Variant/Background Styles / Format Background and choosing the Parhment Texture.
  • Apply bolding to the title on Slide 1.
  • Apply a dark rust brown color to your own name on Slide 1.
  • Modify Slide 2 to look like the Required Outcome. The first line is approximately a dark rust brown and bold. The second line is 36pt and italicized.
  • Change the headings on the following Slides to approximately a bold dark olive green.
  • Remove the bullets on Slide 3. ALSO remove the right-hand Placeholder box on Slide 3
  • Add a piece of clipart on Slide 3 and resize like the Required Outcome. The clipart is found by using Insert/Online Pictures, Microsoft Online limages, and searching for travel, and then chooing a clip-art like item that you can substitute for the example I showed in the Required Outcome. Use something with a suitcase.
  • Add a text box on Slide 4 and type a question mark in it, using the font Arial sized at 244 points, and coloring it a very light orange. Then send this text box to be back and adjust its placement like you see in the Required Outcome.
  • Remove the first two bullets on Slide 5. Then add a dark brown line under the first line of text, 4pt thick.
  • Find real URLs for the links I list, and turn those links into active hyperlinks. I should be able to click them and get to the home Slides of those links.
  • Add a down arrow on Slide 6 and move the text box down to make room. The arrow should be dark rust brown fill, no line color, and should use a Top Bevel - choose which one you like.
  • Remove the left-hand text box on Slide 7 so you can place an image there. Choose an image you find online or at home of somewhere you would like to travel.
  • Add your own Volunteer Vacation choice on Slide 7 and describe why you would like to go there.
  • Add a nearly full-size image representing the place you would like to volunteer on Slide 8.
  • Select any slide, and add the Dissolve transition to it. Be sure to choose Apply to All.
  • For 1 extra credit point, add a 3pt black border around only your Slide 8 image.
  • Make sure to view your slideshow to see the transitions work.
  • Save your document frequently.


When you are finished, log in to the CANVAS tool, and in your MIC104t class, click the link for MIC ASSIGN 9 . At the Upload Slide, upload your file. Verify that the correct file appears after you finish uploading.



  • Use your book as a refresher.
  • Save your document frequently.
  • Finish and upload by 8:00pm on Thursday evening so you are completely on time!!




  • Does your work include ALL the assignment requirements?
  • Have you double-checked that your assignment has all the requirements I listed in this assignment?
  • Have you uploaded your assignment to the assignment section on the CANVAS tool?
  • Have you emailed me at least 1 full day before the due date if you had serious problems completing the assignment?