Welcome - Intro to MS OneNote 2013



Hi there! I am L.J. Bothell, and I get to share information with you about MS OneNote 2013.

MS OneNote 2013 is an organization/note-collecting program you use in tandem with other Microsoft productivity programs like Outlook, Word, etc. It allows you to collect typed and handwritten notes, links, web pages, sketches, embedded files, videos and other media and assemble it in one nicely organized place.

MS OneNote 2013 is something you can use for whatever type of class you teach. You can adopt it in stages, to see how it serves you for collecting new and updated curriculum materials. You can use it for project work, and share the notebook with other project members to add to and view. You can use it for personal notebooks, such as for planning a trip or a move, etc.

OneNote 2013 is the desktop installation of OneNote, which goes with Office 2013 and with Office 365. OneNote MX is a Windows 8 app, and we will not be covering that in this class.

I have added helpful information for this program:.

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