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Hi there! I am L.J. Bothell, and I get to share information with you about Open Access Materials.


Open Access Materials are free, high-quality course materials used in on-campus, hybrid and online courses. It is not meant to be a quick replacement of existing quality information with the equivalent of Wikipedia, but rather a way of reforming a class curriculum to use current, free, online, and specifically tailored lesson plans and tools that might be templated from other existing materials that are already successful and pedagogically excellent. Let's call it OAM.


OAM is something you can use for whatever type of class you teach. You can adopt it in stages, to see how the materials really provide the information, skills, learning, and tasks your students need for success in your class, in the context of your department, and for meeting any certification requirements. You can design a new class around it. You can help keep costs really low for your students while limited the cost to the school's bookstore. You can get at updated material each quarter/year as needed, rather than wait for a new pricey edition of your textbook to come out.


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