Class Examples

Playing With L.J.'s Moodle


Sign up on L.J.'s StudioBast Moodle site:

  • Go to StudioBast Moodle
  • Click LOGIN in upper right corner
  • Read Is this your first time here?
  • Click Create New Account
  • Fill out the basics, including your most commonly used email address and whatever login and password you would like to use.
  • Check that email address for a confirmation message, and follow the instructions
  • Enroll in SI2011


To log into SI2011:

  • Login at the upper right corner with your chosen UserID and password.
  • Select 3Q11
  • Select SI2011


Play around:

  • Check out the Calendar, Forum, and Grading area.
  • Try the quiz
  • Write something in the forum
  • Look at the survey
  • Check out the different kind of uploads/pages I added to the course.