MIC120: Are You Ready?

To be prepared to enter and work through the SCCC MIC120 class, you need:


  • Solid US English reading, speaking, and comprehension skills.
  • Appropriate tools, know-how, and resource contacts for additional services needed to access class information and requirements.
  • Ability and skil to connect to the Web using a web browser.
  • Ability to navigate around the Web and to use search engines like Google.
  • Know how to send and receive e-mail using the e-mail system of your choice.
  • Ability to use proper Netiquette.
  • A strong work and learning ethic - showing up, doing the work, participating, handling deadlines, and communicating.
  • Ample time to do the outside-class extras to help you learn, absorb and use the class information - at least 2 hours for each 1 classroom hour.



  • Get up to speed on the required items listed above ASAP.
  • Get/order your required book, and any resources/tools you need to access a non-print version of it.
  • Respond to the CANVAS email invitation when it comes. NOTE: This is NOT the standard Seattle Central Canvas site - it is an independent version.
  • Read the Syllabus.
  • Check out your learning style for tips on learning in my classes.


If you plan to get officially certified on MS Access 2013:

  • You will receive a testing voucher (2 tries) as part of your paid fees
  • You will use additional training resources on your own time
  • THIS class will not spend class time on Certification specifics: Michael Taylor will be your contact and test proctor.
  • PENDING more information.

See you soon!