MIC120: Assignments Listing

This is a 400 point class. Lotsa fun points!! ALL GRADING IS NOW FIISHED and all assignments are CLOSED.

Assignments and quizzes must be completed/uploaded by 11:55pm on their due date. They lose 100% points if late - the CANVAS tool will auto-grade as Zero (0). See Class FAQs for grading, late work, and other grade-related information.

ALL assignments and quizzes will be taken or uploaded through the required CANVAS tool. Required Text: Microsoft Access 2013 Certification Guide, ISBN: 13: 978-1-55332-399-0. Print, digital, okay. This book is REQUIRED for graded assignments.

TAKING Quizzes and Assignments: Your quizzes, assignments, and the midterm will only be available for you to "enter" and complete during the 5-6 days before they are due. For instance, your first Quiz is due Sunday, July 13, which means that you should be able to actually enter and complete the quiz from after class Tuesday , July 8 through Sunday, July 13, 11:55pm.

Be prepared to use the Access 2013 versions of files in the SCCC Computer Lab if you do not have the same MS Access 2013 program at home. This class is taught with a PC, so if you have a MAC version that doesn't have the parts required, you will need to use the PCs at the school. MS Access 2011 for MAC is NOT sufficient.


Assignments (except the agreement and the final) are 30 points each. NOTE: Digital Page numbers may be slightly different than print book page numbers - complete the full modules I list.

You MUST name your files assign#firstinitiallastname.accdb. Example: assign1lbothell.accdb. Upload this file to the appropriate Assignment Location on the CANVAS tool. Do NOT upload the laccdb file.

  • MIC AGREE: Syllabus agreement, due Sunday, July 13. 10 Points CLOSED
  • MIC ASSIGN 1: Table - Edits/Sorts, due Sunday, July 13, before 11:59pm. Lesson 2, approximate pages 78-89. CLOSED
    • (Learn the Skill Modules: Updating and Deleting Records, AND Manipulating a Datasheet.
    • USE GardenShop2.accdb, and save YOUR version of the file as assign#firstinitiallastname.accdb so I know whose file it is I am grading.
    • You do NOT need to try to upload the linked Excel table.
  • MIC ASSIGN 2: Table - New/Design View, due before 11:59pm, Sunday, July 20. Lesson 2, approximate pages 52-63. CLOSED
    • Learn the Skill Modules: Creating Tables in Design View, AND Modifying Tables in Design View AND Primary Keys AND Creating Tables in Datasheet View
    • USE GardenShop1.accdb and save YOUR version of the file as assign2firstinitiallastname.accdb so I know whose file it is I am grading. The GardenShop1.accdb will be EMPTY - no objects/tables in it - when you first open and save it.
  • MIC ASSIGN 3: Table - Importing/Relationships, due before 11:59pm Sunday, July 20. Lesson 2, approximate pages 74-77, 93-108. CLOSED
    • Learn the Skill Modules: Importing Data from Excel, AND Constraining Input, AND Table Relationships. USE GardenShop2.accdb (NEW version), GardenTables-data.accdb, ORDERITEMS.xlsx, and TopSellers.xlsx.
    • NOTE: We did some of the middle of this assignment last week as assignment 1, so the database for the modules on pages 93-108 will look like it is missing some things you see in the book's illustrations. Ignore that and pick up from where you left off around page 77. :0)
    • Save YOUR version of the database file as assign3firstinitiallastname.accdb so I know whose file it is I am grading.
    • In CANVAS, upload 2 (TWO) files when you are finished: your assign3 Access file AND the TopSellers.xlsx file (which is a linked file for part of your assignment)
  • MIC ASSIGN 4: Queries, due before 11:59pm, Sunday, July 27.
    • Learn the Skill Modules: ALL of Lesson 3, through page 161, use GardenShop3.accdb AND GardenShopTools.accdb (for the requested query). CLOSED
    • Save YOUR version of the database file as assign4firstinitiallastname.accdb so I know whose file it is I am grading.
  • MIC ASSIGN 5: Forms, due before 11:59pm, Sunday, August 3. CLOSED
  • MIC ASSIGN 6: Reports, due before 11:59pm, Sunday, August 10. CLOSED
    • Complete ALL of Lesson 5, use GardenShop5.accdb. Also images ClayPots and Garden Gate. RESIZE GardenGate image as needed. You don't need to upload the extra database you use to import from.
    • Save YOUR version of the database file as assign6firstinitiallastname.accdb so I know whose file it is I am grading.
  • MIC FINAL: Full Database, due BEFORE 12:30 PM (AFTERNOON), Thursday, August 21. 120 Points. CLOSED
    • Save YOUR version of the database file as finalfirstinitiallastname.accdb so I know whose file it is I am grading.


I will list these if and when I offer them.

  • MIC EXTRA CREDIT: Word Search, 3 points. Print out, have fun, turn in paper Week 3. CLOSED


I am here and I expect you to be here too. Class Participation is worth 60 points. You will start the quarter with these 60 points, and I will deduct 20 points each of the first 3 times for unexcused absences, tardiness, leaving class early, class disturbances (coming and going, sleeping, phones and devices ringing/buzzing/whatever), and for not participating when I ask questions or start discussions. Don't complain about it - show up to class. I won't argue about unexcused absences, and I may suggest that you drop the class if attending just isn't your thing. I will not negotiate due dates or assignment problems at all with chronically tardy and/or absent folks. The following also matters:

  • Signing the attendance sheet when I send one around, or you could be considered absent.
  • Getting into and using the CANVAS tool regularly.
  • Spending extra time in the SCCC Tutoring Lab when you need help on computer stuff outside of class.
  • Spending all the extra time you need outside of class to get your computer skills in order and your assignments done (est 2 hours per 1 classroom hour).
  • Helping each other out.
  • Asking questions, share ideas, and yes, catch teacher errors (heh heh heh)!
  • Keeping up with ungraded in-class tasks and demos.
  • Forum interaction with each other as needed and helpful.
  • Do SCCC class eval/survey to help improve us!

Final Grades: I will do my final grading on CANVAS by Thursday afternoon, August 22. Final grades will be uploaded to the SCCC grading system and closed to change by August 28, 2014.