Week 4: October 15-19

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MS PowerPoint 2010: Slide and formatting basics. Book: Chapters 1, 3, and 4


Assignment 2: Formatting, due Sunday, October 21





  • Templates




Templates - Design tab
Powerpoint offers templates that offer you a head start in a variety of formats.

  • Installed templates
  • Office.com templates
  • Design slides
  • Preset presentation layouts
  • Revamping templates


Changing color palettes - Design tab

  • Changes font and color themes
  • Affects fonts, headers, subheaders, objects, default borders, link colors
  • Can select and apply to a single slide


Slide Backgrounds - Design tab

  • Sets a background style for one or all slides
  • Format the background beyond the presets


Starter themes - Design tab
Powerpoint offers dozens of built-in page layout themes with colorful palettes. Use the Design tab.

  • Common theme thumbnails appear in the ribbon.
    • The left-most is the Current Theme
    • Clicking other thumbnails to the right of the Current  will change to that of the thumb you choose.
    • Note that each ‘Theme” comes with colors and layouts built-in, and different use of fonts.
    • Get familiar with looking at the names of themes when you hover over the theme.
  • Color Palette Selection
    • Once you choose a theme, you can change the colors in it with dropdown palettes.
  • Font Selection
    • Once you choose a theme, you can change the fonts in it with dropdown palettes.
  • Effects Selection
    • Once you choose a theme, you can change the effects that impact any shapes and lines you add in it with dropdown palettes.
  • Background Styles
    • This allows you to add or modify a background style.
  • Quick Styles
    • This affects how a text box looks.



Create a basic PowerPoint document using a template

  • Choose the Pitchbook template and save it in your MIC104t/Demos folder as demo02starter.pptx.
  • Change the color/font palette
  • Add a couple of pages



  • Work through Chapter 1 examples.











  • Formatting information
  • Modifying presentations




Page Layouts - Page Layout Tab

The Page Layout tab allows you to set the physical format of your page.

  • Choose page size, orientation, and margins.
  • Change the columns and add page breaks and sections.
  • Set page border and colors (good for quick flyers).
  • Set the indents and spacing of text and inserts.


Text Formatting - Home Tab

You can manually change the way parts or all of your text looks.

  • Set bold, italic, and underlining.
  • Change alignments and spacing
  • Change content formats.
  • Change the font color and size.
  • Insert rows and columns.


Format Painter - Home tab

  • Allows you to "capture" an existing style and apply it to any text you click on.
  • Single-click applies once
  • Double-click locks so you can reuse it


Placeholder changes

  • Select a text box
  • Format tab - Shape Styles
  • Change/edit background as desired



Modify a basic PowerPoint document to look at page formatting and text changes.

  • Download demo03starter.pptx and save it in your MIC104t/Demos folder
  • Change the header style
  • Change the subheader styles
  • Add bold, italics, underlines, and color to text
  • Change text sizes
  • Promote/demote text
  • Change a placeholder background
  • Change text alignment



  • Work through Chapter 3 examples.









  • Reading: Chapters 1, 3, and 4
  • Assignment 2: Formatting, due Sunday, October 21