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Fall Quarter is OVER!!!


I am on break from Thursday, December 13 2012 through Tuesday, January 1 2013. I will be checking email rarely and not available to visit campus until after the new year.


I have graded all finals, and submitted the quarter's grades to the SCCC system. You can get your grade there on Tuesday, December 18, or look for your grades and my comments in the grading section of Studio|Bast E-Learning. I will not be able to handle queries until after Winter Quarter starts, and I will not renegotiate grades or be able to change anyone to a non-credit or incomplete. Please see http://www.studiobast.com/sb_students/classfaqs.php if you have general questions.


In the next week, I will post the links to our class site under "Past Classes". I will archive our assignments and grades on Studio|Bast E-Learning, and I will archive our emails.


If you have an urgent need, please contact our division office at 206-587-3830 or the Information Technologies office at 206-516-3150.


Have an excellent break!


MIC104t Final Project is Wednesday, December 12.

  • I will open Room BE3175 at 8:00am
  • Attendance is optional. Come at 8:00 am if you want to finish your final project in the classroom.
  • If no one shows up by 8:30am, I will close the class room and leave.
  • You MUST UPLOAD the file (PowerPoint file - not a Zip file) of your completed Final Exam Project before Wednesday, December 12, NOON.



HOT: Regarding Grades - Remember that it is YOUR responsibility to check your own grades in your StudioBast E-Learning grades area. Be sure to check them so that you know where you stand, and EMAIL me by December 6 if I have somehow missed an assignment review that we already agreed to by email so I can fix it.


Read GRADING FAQs. Just so you know: I will:

  • NOT reconsider and/or change grades for work that was not turned in and/or that was incomplete;
  • NOT adjust grades when a student used an incorrect version of the MS program;
  • NOT haggle over points on instructions/steps that were (for any reason) not followed (including assignment file names);
  • NOT give any last-minute special or individual extra credit or make-up assignments.
  • NOT change anyone's grade to Incomplete or No Credit - it is much too late.
  • NOT spend time after December 12/during the Holiday/Quarter break bargaining with students or counselors over grades - I will be away from email.


I will be evaluating attendance and communication during my final grading. So, if you were absent a lot, and/or did not communicate assignment problems to me before the assignment was due, I will take that into consideration as well.




NOTE: I have not graded last Sunday's assignment but will do so this weekend. ALSO, note that your Final Project is now listed under Assignments. Look it over early and be prepared to use the Office 2010 version of PowerPoint in the SCCC Computer Lab if you do not have the same MS PowerPoint 2010 programs at home or if you have a MAC version that doesn't have the themes required.



  • Text Animations
  • Object Animations



  • Assignment 8: Animations, due Sunday, December 2








LJ's Class Rules




Class Layout


  • 100% Face-to-face class with hybrid information elements.
  • Mondays/Wednesdays in room BE3175 from 10:00-10:50am.


Here are our objectives:

  • Introduction to MS Windows 7.
  • Introduction to MS Office 2010 PowerPoint to intermediate level.
  • Takeaways for future reuse.
  • Efficient communications and interactions with each other and instructor.


At this point, we'll be primarily an assignment/task-based class, although there will be one short quiz and good attendance/participation is critical.


In most cases I'll chat and demo stuff at the beginning of class, set up assignment goals, and see if we can tuck in at least a few minutes per class for working/questions. I'll also aim for one or two short breaks so our minds don't implode.


I'll make sure we all have the basics and are on the same page as we go. I will also will spend a little time in setting up each assignment, with


  • The objectives,
  • Tips and tricks
  • How the assignment fits in the real world, and
  • How to approach assignments and projects, and
  • Extolling the virtues of my favorite beverage - mochas!