Final Project: King Tut Exhibit Marketing Presentation




I’ll be grading your work based on what you upload to the Final Project section of the StudioBast E-Learning tool. Our Final class is 8:00am, Wednesday, December 12, in room BE 3175 (usual classroom). While I am required to open our classroom and be present at 8:00am, I am not requiring you to attend and there is no required in-person presentation. You may come to work on your assignment or finish and upload it in advance. However, if no one shows up by 8:30am, I will close the classroom and head home. You may upload your work until NOON. but I recommend that you do so early. :0)


YOU MUST use PowerPoint 2010 for this assignment - and if you use a MAC, you need to find another source if your 2010 version does not have the themes. NO exceptions. This assignment will be based on using a range of skills you have learned in this class and referenced on this website and in your textbook. I will give you a finished project, and it will be YOUR responsibility to use the three programs to achieve the results you will see below in the REQUIRED OUTCOME. You have ample time to find and use the 2010 version of the program to complete this assignment, so using older versions that do not have some of the elements will NOT be accepted. DUE before NOON Wednesday, December 12. 65 points.




CLICK FOR REQUIRED OUTCOME - SHOW - needs a computer that can view PowerPoint 2007/2010 shows.




Note - I am giving a lot of tips to help with design and animation expectations, but you need to also pay attention to little details I don't specifically list, like images that need borders or cropping, the hyperlinks you see, WordArt on Page 6, the table details, etc. Use the PowerPoint's hints and rollover tooltips to help you, and experiment as you need to to get the effects you see outside of my tips below. Do things in the order that suits YOU, and use the Master Slide View to your advantage to avoid rework. Or, work on one single page at a time, if that helps instead. Print out the PDF if you need to, and review the animated show several times to see what doesn't show up in the PDF (things behind animations). This project will likely take you 2-3 hours. TO DO:


  • Create a new file and save it as finalfirstinitiallastname.pptx in your USB Flash drive's MIC104t/Final folder. Example: finallbothell.pptx.
  • Create an 7-page document using the layout pages shown in the Required Outcome. These are: Title Slide, Title and Content, Section Header, Comparison, Picture with Caption, Content with Caption, and Title Only.
  • Use the images I provide: Do not use others.
  • You will need to type in the information you see in the title, subtitle, bulleted body sections, and table you see in the Required Outcome.
  • Use the GRID design theme, APEX color theme (see color changes to be made below), and the OFFICE font theme.
  • Use the GLITTER transition on All Slides, with Advance Slide After 03:00 - NOT on click. Also add the CHIME sound effect to the transitions on All slides, with the Sound Duration being 02:00.
  • Use the File Master to:
    • Add the footer and the slide numbers as seen in the Required Outcome. Change the page number placeholder on ALL slides to 36 point and move to the lower right-hand corner. Also change the page number placeholder to a dark gold-tan in the color theme EXCEPT on the Title Slide and Content with Caption slide layout.
    • Change the APEX color scheme's light gray backgrounds to white, no border.
    • Change the APEX dark gray color boxes to black, no border.
    • Change the APEX text color on all bulleted pages to black.
    • Change the 2nd-level bullet to a dark rust colored square, and the 3rd-level bullet to a medium green square.
    • Move the black and gold sidebar text boxes lower on the page, as seen in the Required Outcome.
    • I recommend that you add the black/gold egyptian circle graphic to your Master Pages.
  • Slide 2 will need text animation effects - Entrance Fade, all at once, 2nd level paragraph, and 3 seconds (slow).
  • Page 3 has a 3-image animation in it, as well as a text animation:
    • Insert tut04.jpg first, animate it twice (Entrance Fade and Exit Fade), then send to back. Then insert tut08.jpg second, and animate it twice (Entrance Fade and Exit Fade). Then insert tut03.jpg third, and only animate Entrance Fade. The times should be 03:00 seconds for each animation, and Start after Previous.
    • Type your right sidebar text on 2 lines, and animate the text as you see. Then, be sure to use the Animation Pane to re-order the text animation it so that it appears before your FIRST image does.
  • Page 4's mummy has 2 animations: First the Emphasis Grow/Shrink (Custom 40%) - starts after previous, and second, the Motion Lines Down - which starts WITH Previous (same time as the entrance fade).
  • Page 5 has 2 separate animations which happen at the same time - the Egyptian Symbol Exit Fades out to reveal the words GOLD! the sarcophagus, and the With Previous (but with 1 second delay) Entrance Dissolve In of the gold coffin. Use a 5-second animation on each.
  • Page 6 has no animations.
  • Page 7 has the tut12.jpg image Exit Fade, Start with Previous, 5 seconds, to reveal the tutbanner.jpg behind it.
  • Log in to the StudioBast E-Learning tool, and look for FINAL. Click that assignment link to get to the place where you need to upload your file.


HOT Tips

  • I will take points off your final total if you do not name your .pptx file correctly.
  • I will take points off if you choose other colors, styles, themes, transitions, sounds, etc. than the ones I require. I give plenty of tips, you need to be observant and take your time, and you have ample time to find and use the 2010 version of the program to complete this assignment.
  • I will NOT grade late. This assignment is due WEDNESDAY before NOON. If you do NOT upload it by then, I will NOT extend the due date for any reason. It is your job to do this on time and in the formats I require.
  • Use your book as a refresher.
  • Save your document frequently.
  • Finish and upload by 8:00pm on Tuesday evening so you are completely on time!!




  • Does your work include ALL the assignment requirements?
  • Have you double-checked that your assignment has all the requirements I listed in this assignment?
  • Have you uploaded your assignment to the assignment section on the Studiobast E-Learning Tool?
  • Have you emailed me at least 1 full day before the due date if you had serious problems completing the assignment?