Assignment #4: Tables and Edits




I’ll be grading your work based on what you upload to the Assignment 4 section of the StudioBast E-Learning tool. Name the file exactly like I require or you will lose points. DO NOT email your assignment to me - I will ignore it and you will get a ZERO.


This assignment will focus on using Tables in PowerPoint, and on minor edits to inserted objects like images and shapes.


Format two (2) page in PowerPoint 2010/2007 using the text and image I provide in the Original Text link. Format the pages to look like the Required Outcome below. Based on Chapters 7 & 8. DUE Sunday, November 4. 15 points.







To Do

Download the Original Text, and save it as a new file called assign04firstinitiallastname.pptx in your USB Flash drive's MIC104t/Assignments folder. Example: assign04lbothell.pptx.


Open the link for the Required Outcome so you can see the specific format I want you to accomplish. Use this Required Outcome example to guide you in doing the following tasks:

  • The file opens with ONE (1) slide which has the starter text and images for you to work with. You will add another slide after modifying this first slide.
  • Using the Required Outcome as a guide, personalize the information inside the brackets, and delete the brackets around the information.
  • Insert Rectangle Shapes to create the green, orange, and yellow background design as you see in the Required Outcome.
  • Change the font color on the green background to white as you see in the Required Outcome. It does NOT need to be bolded. Note: If the title font is not available on your computer, choose another that looks similar and bold it.
  • Flip the direction of the color image so that it faces the same direction as your see in the Required Outcome. Then, use your best judgement to resize it proportionally to 'finish' the background.
  • Use your best judgement to resize the black image proportionally. Then move it to the position you see in the Required Outcome.
  • Edit the black image using the Drawing Tools context ribbon so that it takes on the green color and glow effect.
  • This slide is now COMPLETE.
  • Duplicate this slide once.
  • On the 2nd version of the slide (Slide 2), proportionally resize the color image to what you see in the Required Outcome.
  • On Slide 2, delete the glowing leaves image.
  • On Slide 2, widen the green background shape like you see in the Required Outcome.
  • On Slide 2, rename the slide title sign up, and move the title beneath the color image on the left. Change the foont color to orange.
  • Then, delete the name, location, and related information on this 2nd slide.
  • On Slide 2, insert a table with 16 or 17 rows and 3 columns.
  • Add the name, food, and instrument headings in the first row, bold the text, and edit the text to be the same green as the background box.
  • Make sure that the Header Row and Banded ROWS are selected on the Table Tools context Ribbon.
  • Use the table styles on the Table Tools context Ribbon to choose the same table style you see in the Required Outcome.
  • Add your own name, favorite party food (or beverage), and favorite instrument in the first NON-header row of the table.
  • Save your document frequently.


When you are finished, log in to the StudioBast E-Learning tool, and in your MIC104t class, click the link for Assignment 4 . At the Upload page, upload your assignment file. Verify that the correct file appears after you finish uploading.



  • Use your book as a refresher.
  • Save your document frequently.
  • Finish and upload by 8:00pm on Sunday evening so you are completely on time!!




  • Does your work include ALL the assignment requirements?
  • Have you double-checked that your assignment has all the requirements I listed in this assignment?
  • Have you uploaded your assignment to the assignment section on the Studiobast E-Learning Tool?
  • Have you emailed me at least 1 full day before the due date if you had serious problems completing the assignment?