Assignment #3: Inserts




I’ll be grading your work based on what you upload to the Assignment 3 section of the StudioBast E-Learning tool. Name the file exactly like I require or you will lose points. DO NOT email your assignment to me - I will ignore it and you will get a ZERO.


This assignment will focus on some styling and on Inserts - images, charts, shapes, transitions.


Format eight (8) pages in PowerPoint 2010/2007 using the text I provide in the Original Text link. Format the page to look like the Required Outcome below. Based on Chapter 5. DUE Sunday, October 28. 15 points.







To Do

Download the Original Text, and save it as a new file called assign03firstinitiallastname.pptx in your USB Flash drive's MIC104t/Assignments folder. Example: assign03lbothell.pptx.


Open the link for the Required Outcome so you can see the specific format I want you to accomplish. Use this Required Outcome example to guide you in doing the following tasks:

  • The file will start with eight standard pages of different layout types - do NOT change the layouts. Type your OWN name on Page 1 like in the Required Outcome.
  • Select all the slides, and choose the Apex Font theme.
  • Select all the slides, and add the Style 5 background.
  • Format the Style 5 background by changing the preset background to Parchment, and Apply to All.
  • Apply bolding to the title on Page 1.
  • Apply a dark rust brown color to your own name on Page 1.
  • Modify Page 2 to look like the Required Outcome. The first line is dark rust brown and bold. The second line is 36pt and italicized.
  • Change the headings on the following pages to a bold dark olive green.
  • Remove the bullets on Page 3. ALSO remove the right-hand text box on Page 3
  • Add a piece of clipart on Page 3 and resize like the Required Outcome. The clipart is found by searching for travel, searching in my collections and Office collections, And in media type Clip Art.
  • Add a text box on Page 4 and type a question mark, Arial 244 point, very light orange. Then send the text box to be back and adjust its placement like the Required Outcome.
  • Remove the first two bullets on Page 5. Then add a dark brown line under the first line of text, 4pt thick.
  • Find real URLs for the links I list, and turn those links into active hyperlinks. I should be able to click them and get to the home pages of those links.
  • Add a down arrow on Page 6 and move the text box down to make room. The arrow should be dark rust brown fill, no line color, and should use a Top Bevel - choose which one you like.
  • Remove the left-hand text box on Page 7 so you can place an image there. Choose an image you find online or at home of somewhere you would like to travel.
  • Add your own Volunteer Vacation choice on Page 7 and describe why you would like to go there.
  • Add a nearly full-size image of the place you would like to volunteer on Page 8.
  • Select all slides, and add the Dissolve transition to them.
  • For 1 extra credit point, add a 2pt black border around only your Page 8 image.
  • Make sure to view your slideshow to see the transitions work.
  • Save your document frequently.


When you are finished, log in to the StudioBast E-Learning tool, and in your MIC104t class, click the link for Assignment 3 . At the Upload page, upload your assignment file. Verify that the correct file appears after you finish uploading.



  • Use your book as a refresher.
  • Save your document frequently.
  • Finish and upload by 8:00pm on Sunday evening so you are completely on time!!




  • Does your work include ALL the assignment requirements?
  • Have you double-checked that your assignment has all the requirements I listed in this assignment?
  • Have you uploaded your assignment to the assignment section on the Studiobast E-Learning Tool?
  • Have you emailed me at least 1 full day before the due date if you had serious problems completing the assignment?