MIC102w: Microsoft Word 2013





MIC102w: Word 2013, Item# #2003, Section 1, 3 SATS at 9:00-11:40am, Room BE3161. Class meeting dates are October 4, October 11, and October 18, 2014..


If you are HERE, you are in the right place! This is the Home Page of L.J. Bothell's MIC102w Word 2013 class website.


I (L.J. Bothell) am now on Quarter Break until Monday, September 22, and will be checking email rarely. I will not have the CANVAS tool ready before the quarter starts.


The MIC102w class is still running and still has room to join. Please see the BITCA Program Manager Lisa Sandoval for other L.J. Bothell class-related concerns.





LJ's Class Rules




Class Layout


Class Times: Item# #2003, Section 1, Room 3161, 3 Saturdays on October 4, October 11, and October 18, 2014.


MIC102w: Microsoft Word 2013 is a 100% face-to-face class with hybrid information elements. YOU MUST have some familiarity with computer use, keyboarding, and Internet/Web use to be prepared for this class. It is part a sequence of business program training classes that are designed to prepare you for basic/intermediate skills. It is an introduction to Microsoft Word 2013 for general use. Topics covered will include basic Word 2013 concepts, styling, personalizing, Word options, and practical techniques. It is fast-paced, in-class demo oriented, and focuses on workplace standards, process, and workflow.


This is a basic introduction to Microsoft Word 2013, and will cover essential starter and basic-intermediate Word 2013 skills. It does not go into high-intermediate or advanced topics. See the Class Schedule for coverage.


Here are our class plans:

  • Basic Microsoft Word 2013 overview.
  • Use of basic/intermediate Word 2013 functions.
  • Takeaways/templates for future reuse.
  • Effective time management planning, organized workflow, and good communications to work effectively.
  • Complete 3 assignments over 3 weeks.
  • Note: We do NOT go over computer basics, Internet basics, or keyboarding basics.


In most cases I'll chat and demo stuff through most of the class, set up assignment goals, and be open for questions. I'll also aim for one or two short breaks so our minds don't implode.


I'll make sure we all have the basics and are on the same page as we go. I will also will spend a little time in setting up each assignment, with

  • The objectives,
  • How the assignment fits in the real world,
  • How to approach the work,
  • Tips and tricks, and
  • Extolling the virtues of my favorite beverage - mochas!