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MIC102I - Fall 2009 Schedule

Course Timeline: January 13 22, 2009


Instructor: L.J. Bothell


Week 1:

Discussion: Class Info, Photoshop CS3, Basics, raster vs vector, the program work area and tools, project planning, photo manipulation
Assignment: a Warholesque Photos - Have fun with photo effects, shapes and text for 50 points, by January 20. (35 program use, 15 creativity).


Week 2:

Discussion: Continued demo for layout, fonts, drawing tools, and filters, retouching, layers, text, paths
Assignment: a Collage Flyer - Create a simple flyer with title, subheaders, text, footer/contact info, and some fun photo/effect/collage work for 75 points by January 23. (50 program use, 25 creativity/target).