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Day 2 - January 15



  • Turn off all noise-making phones, pagers, etc. (Teacher too!)



  • Demos
  • Poster Build




Part 1


Lucky you, you'll get to see me play with more tools and stuff. Seriously, today I'll narrow down to just a few key shape and color production tools:

  • layers
  • selecting
  • cropping
  • strokes
  • backgrounds
  • colors/gradients
  • transforming
  • text


We'll have a short break about halfway through, then I'll start on an in-class demo project to help give perspective as to the real usefulness of this stuff.



Part 2


I’m going to demo build a simple poster in Photoshop in class over part of the next 3 classes. This will be so you can see/experience:

  • Concept building (what should poster do/accomplish)
  • Customer targeting (content, colors, fonts)
  • File creation and set-up (size, measurement, color, guides/grids)
  • Using Photoshop for layout
  • Opening/importing photos
  • Photo manipulation, retouching, colorizing, and balancing
  • Using basic shapes, colors, strokes, transformations, and warping for some design elements
  • Using text for content and titles/splashiness
  • Saving the file for export and for web


Let's take a look at my starter concept and play with it.





  • Assignment 1 is a Warholesque Photos - Have fun with photo effects, shapes and text for 50 points, by January 20. (35 program use, 15 creativity).