MIC102I - Winter 2011 Schedule

Course Timeline: January 4 - 13, 2011


Instructor: L.J. Bothell
Email: ljbtrainings@studiobast.com
URL: http://www.studiobast.com/sb_students/mic102i/


Week 1: Jan 4, 6

Discussion: Class info and tools, Illustrator CS5 Basics, Raster vs Vector, playing with workspace and shapes in class
Quiz: Syllabus Agreement, DUE Friday, January 7, taken on StudioBast E-Learning. 25 points
Assignment: Fun icon/graphic, DUE Tuesday January 11, uploaded to StudioBast E-Learning. 75 points.


Week 2: Jan 11, 13

Discussion: Poster start demo for shapes, transforming, and layout, layout, fonts

Assignment: Text/Design Flyer, DUE Friday, January 14, uploaded to StudioBast E-Learning. 75 points.