I have finished grading for the quarter, and if you can see the course comments in your StudioBast E-Learning grade area, then you can see the point total (4.0, etc.) I will load final grades tomorrow (3/23) to the SCCC grade database.


I will be on vacation from Wednesday March 23 until Monday, April 4, when Spring Quarter starts. I will check my email rarely.


I will clean up the MIC102i website starting this next weekend (late) and after. Your Edison server stuff will be shut off by the school after 3/23, I believe - back it all up!



The MIC102i class has ended - no more classes. The final assignment is due by Friday 11:55pm. I will grade the assignment, extra credit, etc. this weekend, and will upload the final grades to the SCCC system at the end of the quarter when I am allowed.


I really enjoyed working with all of you and I hope you learned some useful Illustrator CS5 tips and tricks to help you with your work at SCCC!



Looks like the snow is past, so the MIc102i class will run as normal on Thursday January 13. We'll also do the SCCC requested class evaluation. Heh, heh, heh.



HOT! I have been made aware that the Student Computer Lab in room #3148 DOES NOT allow the Open login. The only student computer lab that does on the campus is in the Edison (main) building's LIBRARY, where there are about 20 computers. You will need to ask to be pointed to them.


IF you are on Financial Aid now, are waiting for it to be processed for this quarter, and your student registration account has this noted on it, you should be able to pay your own Computer Lab Fee out of pocket now to get your login activated for the quarter.


This fee should be reimbursed by Financial Aid. You will need to take your questions to Registration and Financial Aid - this is all the info I have available.




The MIC102i class is full, and I will not be signing anyone else in since the course is already half over. The class runs 4 sessions: January 4, 6, 11, and 13, so be there for all sessions.


Remember you need to take the mandatory Syllabus Agreement quiz, 25 points, DUE Friday, January 7.


This weekend, you need to:

  • Work on Assignment 1 (deadline amended - Tuesday January 11, 11:55pm.)
  • Play with some of the demo examples we did in class to help yourself clarify how some things work.
  • If you do not have the ability to make zip files now, download and install a program that will let you. PC: 7-Zip. MAC - MacZip.



LJ's Basic Class Rules: