Day 3 - January 11


DUE Friday, January 14: Assignment 2



  • Turn off all noise-making phones, pagers, etc. (Teacher too!)







  • Fonts - using paragraph palette
  • Fonts - using character palette
  • Fonts on a path
  • Font colors and outlines
  • Simple shape and path manipulation



  • Text tool
  • Fonts
  • Fill
  • Stroke


Type paths

  • Area Type tool
  • Type on a path
  • Vertical type tools


Type effects

  • Type inside an object
  • Path effects with type on a path options
  • Type outlines
  • Demo - WordArt Page


Importing text

  • Text for use in a poster, banner, ad, background
  • Use basic type tool to type or paste in text blurb
  • Place a text file
  • Threading overflow


Text Editing

  • Selecting type
  • Character panel
  • Paragraph panel
  • Control panel


Character Panel

  • Choose fonts
  • Sizing
  • Style
  • Leading
  • Kerning
  • Tracking
  • Scaling


Paragraph Panel

  • Paragraph alignment
  • Indents
  • Paragraph spacing


Setting Styles

  • Use Character and/or Paragraph style panel
  • Choose text you have adjusted and like, and choose New Style icon
  • Choosing in Character only take character parts of style
  • Choosing in Paragraph only take paragraph parts of style


Applying Styles

  • Choose text to be styles
  • Select the character or paragraph style
  • Demo - Text Wrap


Converting to Outlines

  • Purpose
  • Steps
  • Do before exporting any file that will open on someone else's computer
  • Also, set default font options.





  • Assignment 2 is a Text/Design Flyer -Create a simple flyer with title, subheaders, text, footer/contact info, and some fun graphic work and UPLOAD BY end of Friday, January 14. 75 points.