MIC102I Assignments

Assignments are due on their due date. They lose 33.3% points on the first late day, and cannot be uploaded. They lose 100% if later and you need to contact me to arrange to turn it in. No make-up.


You should be able to sign in to StudioBast E-Learning to see your own grade spreadsheet. You will need to sign in with your login and password to access it.


Upload no more than 6.5 mb files to the eligible folder shown with the appropriate Assignment reminder on StudioBast E-Learning in your MIC102i course area. Contact me if the file size is an issue. Do not email assignments to me.


A1: Fun Icon/Graphic - Create a fun icon or logo graphic, and UPLOAD BY the end of Tuesday, January 11. 75 points (55 program use, 20 creativity). CLOSED.


A2: Text/Design Flyer - Create a simple flyer with title, subheaders, text, footer/contact info, and some fun graphic work and UPLOAD BY the mid afternoon of Friday, January 14. 75 points (55 program use, 15 creativity, 5 following instructions).


Extra Credit: Put together a fun image with layers, text and shapes/brushes/symbols/graphic styles that you like. Make sure your first and last name and your email is on the assignment - even if in a hidden layer. Upload an .ai file no larger than 6.5mb by Friday Evening, January 14. 10 points available.


Q1: Syllabus/Web Site Quiz - Due Friday, January 7. 25 points (part of class participation 50 point total). Take via StudioBast E-Learning, Illustrator CS5 Short - 4Q2010 course. CLOSED.