Assignment #2 - Text/Design Flyer




Create a simple flyer with title, subheaders, text, footer/contact info, and some fun graphic work and SUBMIT BY the mid afternoon of Friday, January 14. 75 points. Upload no more than 6.5 mb files to the eligible folder shown with the appropriate Assignment reminder on StudioBast E-Learning in your MIC102i course area. Do not email assignments to me.

I’ll be grading your work based on what you design and produce with Illustrator. Keep it fun – the work shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours, max, and no stress.  Your project should include:


  • 8.5 x 11 sizing, either landscape or portrait. You can design it to be full bleed or to have a border of ½ inch around the margins.
  • CMYK color, layout measurement in inches, and text measurement in points.
  • Think about a fictional or real customer or even you would do a flyer for, in order to come up with a clear layout concept and direction for the graphics and text you would create around (like for a coffee shop or a music event). Note: You can use Lorem Ipsum text.
  • Build your item in 2 or 3 layers and lock them when done with one part.
  • Use regular text formatting and also consider a bit of text funkiness, like modifying a font, or warping something, or using a readable text-path.
  • Choose colors and contrast that make sense for your idea and which allow the flyer to be easy to read at about 3 feet and easy to spot at about 8 feet. (Like flyers that impact you!)
  • Please feel free to keep any grid marks and/or guides you used – I can always hide them to see the final effect.
  • Add a small footer segment with your full name, your e-mail address, and MIC102I
  • Save the file as a native Illustrator file (.ai) only.
  • Make sure to name your file like this: FirstNameLastName-Assign02.
  • UPLOAD your .ai file to StudioBast E-Learning, Week 2 Assignment area.