Assignment #1 - Fun icon/graphic




Create a fun icon or a logo graphic, and UPLOAD BY the end of Tuesday, January 11. 75 points. Upload no more than 6.5 mb files to the eligible folder shown with the appropriate Assignment reminder on StudioBast E-Learning in your MIC102i course area. Do not email assignments to me.

I’ll be grading your work based on what you design and produce with Illustrator. Keep it fun – the work shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours, max, and no stress.  Your project should include:


  • A header segment with your full name, your e-mail address,  and MIC102I
  • Pick something you’d like to create a fictional logo for, like a café, music shop, bookstore, etc. Think about what might appeal to a cusomer on letterhead and envelopes, in a newspaper ad, etc.
  • Make your graphic around 5 in wide and/or 5 in wide.
  • Consider building your item in 2 or 3 layers and locking them when done with one part.
  • Make a clear design that uses the tools we’ve already covered. Think about using colors and contrasts that would translate well to black and white for 1 color printing and for full-color printing.
  • Make sure your assignment identification info is at the top of the page
  • Type 2-3 sentences below your work stating what worked and what didn’t for you.
  • Save the file as a native Illustrator file (.ai) and save to web as a high-quality jpg, then zip BOTH of these files into one zip file - using something like 7-Zip, WinZip, or MacZip.
  • Make sure to name all your file like this: FirstNameLastName-Assign01.
  • UPLOAD your file to StudioBast E-Learning, Assignment 1 area. When you are sure you have the correct file, finalize your upload.