MIC102e: Syllabus


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Instructor: L.J. Bothell

Email: ljbtrainings@studiobast.com

URL: http://www.studiobast.com/sb_students/mic102e/

Office: BE3175c, no phone

Mailbox: BE3176d

Office Hours: By appointment only. Usually onsite 15 minutes before class and up to 1/2 hour after class if needed.

Class Info: MIC102e Excel 2013, Item# 1966, Section 1, Room 3184, Saturdays 9:00am- 11:40am, Feb 7-21, 2015, last class Saturday February 21, 2015.


NOTE: A word about 1-Credit classes at Seattle Central Community College. The 1-Credit class is a serious class, and it can be failed if a student does not attend, complete all the assigned work, and make the required effort. Attendance will be taken.



MIC102e: Intro to Excel 2013 is a 100% face-to-face class with hybrid information elements. This is a basic introduction to the application, whith some intermediate tasks/info as time permits. It is part of a 1-credit sequence of basic computer application training classes that are designed to prepare you for continuing coursework or general computer and MS Office use, and covers the equivalent Excel 2013 info provided in the MIC101 class. It is an introduction to MS Excel 2013 and basic productivity and practices. It is moderately-paced, in-class demo-oriented, and focuses on basic computer tasks, and Excel 2013 productivity tools and workflow. It does not teach actual word processing/typing skills, advanced MS Excel, other MS applications, or other spreadsheet programs.


To succeed in this class, you need to come prepared - be able to answer YES to all these requirements.


Objectives & Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of MIC102e, you will be able to:

  • Use effective time management planning, organized workflow, and good communications to work effectively.
  • Understand and do basic tasks in MS Excel 2013, like setting options, creating/saving/modifying spreadsheets, using Excel 2013 data and formula tasks, be able to create charts, etc..
  • Understand how MS Office 2013 programs integrate tasks for use at school and in the workplace.


Course Details


NO REQUIRED BOOK. Suggested Text: Microsoft Excel 2013 Plain & Simple by Curtis Frye, Microsoft Press, First Ed., ISBN-978-0735627277. NOT ordered for this class since this is not required.


Required Materials: Minimum 1-2 gigabyte USB Flash drive and/or Cloud file storage, class website, 7 day/week internet access, e-mail capability, access to MS Excel 2013, student login & password, and CANVAS tool.


Presentation: Discussions, demos, and hands-on tutorials in US English.


Evaluation Methods: Your final grade will be a culmination of class participation/attendance, a quiz, and 3 Assignments.


Participation/Attendance : 20%, mandatory with active participation - I WILL take off points for absences and tardiness. Assignments/Agreement Quiz: 80%. Students are expected to participate in lecture, discussions and lab time.


Student Responsibilities (short version)

  • Get to know the class website and tools. Read Class FAQ's.
  • Understand/do the assignment requirements on assignment pages
  • Contact your instructor in person (during class or when scheduled) or by e-mail if they have a problem with any due date. No contact, no grade revisions/redos.


Assignments (See assignment links for specifics)

  • One (1) Syllabus Agreement.
  • Three (3) assignments.
  • Due dates will be on the website Class Schedule and discussed in class.
  • Assignments are "due" according to the specific assignment summary pages and there will be o allowed late work.
  • Assignments must be completed in Excel 2013 but NO other spreadsheet programs. NO Excel 2003/2007, NO Google Docs, NO Open Office, NO MS Excel pre-2007.
  • Assignments will be marked down 100% if late, no extensions or redos.




For 'out of class' assistance, please sign up for a tutor. You may sign up for 2 half-hour sessions (per week) in each subject in which you are enrolled. Check out the SCC Tutoring Center and eTutoring.org.



ADA / Extra Information


(ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act) Students with documented disabilities requesting class accommodations, or require special arrangements in case of building evacuation should contact me at the beginning of the quarter or set up an appointment with the Disability Support Counselor in room BE 1112. Also, contact me early if you require a front-of-the-room computer so I can reserve it for you.


Assistants for students (sign-language, etc) are welcome in class. If you wish your assistant(s) to also receive emails for the class, please inform me with their email addresses - otherwise I will assume you will forward/discuss emails of note to them yourself. Also, you may need to make arrangements with your assistant(s) to assist you with interpreting any class videos, since at this time they are not produced with closed captioning.


Note: If there is an ADA machine in the classroom, the related keyboard is not to be unhooked. Please use another computer. Thanks!!


Need additional assistance to succeed? Check these out: