MIV102e: Are You Ready?


The SCC MIC102e class focuses on basic and intermediate skills and information for the Microsoft EXCEL 2013 program. This class does not have time available to teach basic computer functions, so you must already have some basic computer and Internet experience to function in this class.



  • Solid US English reading, speaking, and comprehension skills.
  • Strong work and learning ethic - showing up, doing the work.
  • Know how to browse the Internet (Web) using a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Can navigate around the Internet (Web) and know how to use search engines like Google.
  • Have a current and working email account like gMail that you can send and receive emails with right now.
  • Know how to send and receive e-mail how to use proper netiquette.
  • Know how to open, save, move, and manage digital files on a computer.
  • Know how to perform basic word processing, including saving, cutting and pasting info inside a document.
  • Access to the Internet, Email, and Microsoft Excel 2013 throughout this whole class.
  • Ample time to do the outside-class extras to help you learn, absorb and use the class information (Average 2 hours for each 1 classroom hour).



  • Active email account and working e-address (SCC provides GMail if you don't already have am email account.
  • Active SCC Login/Password.
  • 1gig USB Flash drive. MUST HAVE!
  • Have school and home access to a computer/tablet, the required class program(s), and internet/email access 7 days a week.
  • Access to Microsoft Excel 2013 - at school, home, community center, library, etc. This class will not accept work done in any other spreadsheet program. NO Excel 2003 or earlier, NO Excel 2007-2010, NO Open Office, NO Google Docs.



  • Get up to speed on the above required items ASAP.
  • Get that USB Flash Drive for the first day of class.
  • Read the Syllabus.
  • Check out your learning style for tips on learning in my classes.


See you soon!