Week 10: November 30 - December 4


DUE Tuesday, December 15, 1:00-3:00: Assignment 8/Final

Weekly Checklist



Monday, November 30



  • Extra Credit opportunities (see assignments)
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Tracing - LiveTrace
  • Paintbrushes and painting (LivePaint)
  • Design concepts - Assignment 8
  • Themes
  • Message
  • Workflow - legal issues
  • Lorem Ipsum




Adobe Bridge

  • Open any Adobe file from bridge
  • Will open file in its program
  • View as thumbnails and see larger previews


Bridge Basics

  • Filter thumbnails by giving them a label so you can filter the label
  • Sort thumbnails
  • Search for files: Edit/Find


Tracing in Illustrator

  • LiveTrace can trace imported Raster images
  • File/open a tif, psd, jpg
  • File/place a raster image
  • Object/LiveTrace



  • Use the Tracing Options dialogue to set options
  • Run the LiveTrace on an imported object from control panel at top
  • When done, expand into editable paths, or
  • Convert into a LivePaint group
  • LiveTrace Demo





  • Stroke
  • Filling brush strokes
  • Blob brush tool - bigger strokes, merging paths


Choosing strokes

  • Choose a brush
  • Brush library
  • Find/import brush library


Create a brush stroke

  • Make a pattern/shape set
  • Select all pieces
  • Make new brush
  • Choose pattern or scatter
  • Paintbrush Demo


Project theme - poster

  • Needs some informational and action text - who, what, where, why, how and when
  • Needs a headline - catch attention, identify purpose
  • Needs a logotype/identifyer - who is sponsoring?
  • Needs subject appropriate graphics, colors, etc.


Some Poster Tutiorials/Inspirations



  • Use a consistent style, set of effects
  • Focus on a headline font, and a readable subhead and text font
  • Choose colors that would appeal to an audience of the poster topic
  • Images Use Licensing (useful if 'recreating' images, and protecting yourself)


Workflow Basics

  • Organizing resources - tool, storage, sketches, client requirements
  • Setting up workspace - especially if you are mobile
  • Legal issues - protect your work with backups; protect your portfolio with agreements; protect souce material by knowing ownership and rights



  • Review Chapters 6 and 15 and make sure you are comfortable with doing tasks for the questions 1-7 on page 199







Wednesday, December 2



  • Required One-on ones-with LJ - grades, project ideas
  • Lab time



  • Poster, due Tuesday, December 15, 1:00-3:00