Week Six: November 2-6


DUE November 2: Task 1

DUE November 4: Assignment 4

Weekly Checklist



Monday, November 2



  • Text flow basics
  • Text and image layout
  • Assignment 5
  • Business cards




Importing text

  • Text for use in a poster, banner, ad, background
  • Use basic type tool to type or paste in text blurb
  • Place a text file
  • Threading overflow


Text Editing

  • Selecting type
  • Character panel
  • Paragraph panel
  • Control panel


Character Panel

  • Choose fonts
  • Sizing
  • Style
  • Leading
  • Kerning
  • Tracking
  • Scaling


Paragraph Panel

  • Paragraph alignment
  • Indents
  • Paragraph spacing


Setting Styles

  • Use Character and/or Paragraph style panel
  • Choose text you have adjusted and like, and choose New Style icon
  • Choosing in Character only take character parts of style
  • Choosing in Paragraph only take paragraph parts of style


Applying Styles

  • Choose text to be styles
  • Select the character or paragraph style


Smart Punctuation

  • Type/Smart Punct
  • Choose replacement types
  • Choose affected text



  • Choose text
  • Type/Glyphs

Open Type Panel

  • Window/Type/OpenType
  • Can choose glyph typesfractions, swashes, etc.
  • Note: many fonts don't allow this



  • Import text and text flow
  • Text modification with character and paragraph
  • Create a character style
  • Create a paragraph style
  • Glyph play
  • Text wrap
  • Shadow
  • Embossed


Business card

  • Print - hand out at events, etc.
  • Online - it's called your email footer
  • PDA/mobile - Dropcard
  • Other - make your own nameplates for conferences


Business card basics

  • Logo/logotype
  • Name
  • Title
  • Catch phrase
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • URL


Business card design

  • Color
  • B&W
  • Small
  • Standard
  • Rolodex


Sync business cards

  • Same info in print, email footer, mobile app, etc
  • If possible, aim for a logotype/design you can "translate"


More about business cards

  • Get/make a business card template (sinkula, bothell)
  • Decide which orientation you'll use - verical, horizontal
  • Decide if you'll do one or two-sided cards
  • Decide if you'll want color or grayscale
  • Use your logotype to create a business card with: your name, title, email, URL and business address, and phone (if you'd like).
  • Think about the paper and effects you might order - texture, natural, colors, embossing, etc.
  • Check out Tutorials for Business Card Design
  • One possible online printing service: VistaPrint



  • Spend time with Chapter 7 and do the chapter/disc exercises. You'll be glad you did!









Wednesday, November 2



  • Lab time



  • Look over Chapter 11 and play with effects we didn't cover
  • Help each other out with the forum and study groups if useful