Task #2 - Filter Effects




Use shapes, text, and/or things you draw with filter effects. Due Monday, November 16, 15 points.




Your task should include:

  • Build 3+ shapes, hand-created images, text to outlines, etc.
  • One or more filter effects, whatever you think is fun. Aim for a variety of outcomes, such as one with texture, one with varying types of transparency, distorts, 3D, etc.
  • A identifying blurb in the footer area of your document with this info – class, your first and last name, your email, etc.
  • Save your file as an Illustrator EPS with the filename: FirstnameLastname-Task02.eps
  • Upload no more than 6.5 mb file to the Task 2 reminder on Studiobast E-Learning in your ITC298 course area.
  • Do not email files to me.




  • Does your task include ALL the requirements?
  • Have you uploaded your task to the required area so I can review it?
  • Have you verified that your task appears way you want me to grade it?
  • Is your task done, uploaded, and double-checked on time (by the due date)?
  • Have you emailed me in advance of the due date if you have had serious issues completing the task?