Task #1 - Text Effects




Use layers, imported text, created text (using text tool), and create something with colors and effects (like embossing, gradients, image fills, shadows, etc). Due Monday, November 2, 15 points.




Your task should include:

  • Imported text
  • Created text (using text tool, text path and text area tools),
  • Modified text (using pen tool) on text concerted to outlines
  • One or more effects, like shadow, texture, image inside text, whatever you think is fun
  • A identifying blurb in the footer area of your document with this info – class, your first and last name, your email, etc.
  • Save your file as an Illustrator EPS with the filename: FirstnameLastname-Task01.eps
  • Upload no more than 6.5 mb file to the Task 1 reminder on Studiobast E-Learning in your ITC298 course area.
  • Do not email files to me.




  • Does your task include ALL the requirements?
  • Have you uploaded your task to the required area so I can review it?
  • Have you verified that your task appears way you want me to grade it?
  • Is your task done, uploaded, and double-checked on time (by the due date)?
  • Have you emailed me in advance of the due date if you have had serious issues completing the task?