ITC298 - Fall 2009 Schedule

Course Timeline: September 28 December 17, Mon/Wed


Instructor: L.J. Bothell


Week 1: Sept 30

Discussion/Demos: Introduction
Topics: IT work world, IT education, class outline & tools, web history, web site expectations
Tasks: Set up flash drive
Reading: Chapters

Note: 1 class day on Wednesday only this week.


Week 2: Oct 5

Discussion/Demos: Getting Started

Topics: Illustrator basics, workspace, exploring

Tasks: Set up Studiobast E-Learning

Quiz: Syllabus Quiz, 15 points, due Wed. October 7

Assignment 1: Exploring, due Monday, October 12

Reading: Chapter 1, 2


Week 3: Oct 12

Discussion/Demos: Shapes, Basic layers
Topics: Basic transforming, slicing, cutting, fills and lines, shape manipulation, layers

Assignment 2: Basic Shapes, due Monday, October 19

Reading: Chapter 3, 8


Week 4: Oct 19

Discussion/Demos: Pen and Pencil, Blending
Topics: Pen and pencil, blending shapes, usability & icons

Assignment 3: Icons, due Monday, October 26

Reading: Chapter 5


Week 5: Oct 26

Discussion/Demos: Basic type, Logos
Topics: Fonts, fills, text effects, lines, warping, text paths, logo concept

Task 1: Text effects, 15 points, due Monday, November 2.

Assignment 4: Logo, due Wednesday, November 4

Reading: Chapter 7, 8


Week 6: Nov 2

Discussion/Demos: Text and image layout
Topics: Business cards, visibility, contrast, design, more transforming

Assignment 5: Business Card, due Wednesday, November 11

Reading: Chapter 4, 11


Week 7: Nov 9

Discussion/Demos: Textures, filters, graphic effects
Topics: Building illustrations, themes, banner ideas

Task 2: Filter effects, 15 points, due Monday, November 16.

Assignment 6: Banner Design, due Wednesday, November 18

Reading: Chapter 11, 12

Note: No class Wednesday 11/11 (Veteran's Day)


Week 8: Nov 16

Discussion/Demos: Page layout
Topics: Wireframes, measurements, grids

Assignment 7: Wireframe & Sitemap, due Wednesday, December 2

Reading: Chapter 4


Week 9: Nov 23

Discussion/Demos: Symbols, Imports, Masks
Topics: symbols, importing images, masking,

Quiz 2: Illustrator, 15 points, due Wednesday October 21

Assignment 8/Final: Poster, due Tuesday, December 15, 1:00-3:00

Reading: Chapter 13, 14


Week 10: Nov 30

Discussion/Demos: LiveTrace, LivePaint, Painting, brushes, design concepts
Topics: Finding a topic, sketching ideas, themes, message, output for web and print

Task: Required one-on-ones with LJ

Reading: Chapter 6, 15


Week 11: Dec 7

Discussion/Demos: Output, Q&A's, special topics (TBD)
Task: In-class lab time


Finals: Dec 15

Assignment 8/Final: Poster, due to be uploaded no later than Tuesday, December 15, 1:00. Note: In the Monday, December 7 class. we decided that we will have our FINAL PRESENTATION of the final assignment during our regular class time NEXT Monday, December 14, from 1:00-3:00, in Room 3161. L.J. WILL be also open the class during the SCCC schedule final time of 1pm, Tuesday December 15 in Room 3161 if you still want to present then, but Monday is the new official date.


FINAL GRADES AVAILABLE: Available on the SCCC website on December 23, 2009, no changes.